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The toggle switch located on the brush frame activation panel. It must be in the on position to protect bus mirrors during bus wash.
a) Bus Wash Cycle
b) Mirror Program Toggle Switch
c) Pressure Wash Gun
d) North Area Driver

The button labled BUS, and located on the brush frame activation panel.
a) Bus Cycle Power Button
b) South Area Driver
c) Pressure Wash Holster
d) Mirror Program Toggle Switch

The complete automatic brush frame movement. Beginning at the hood of the bus, traveling to the rear door, and returning to the front of the bus.
a) Driver Safety Walk Path
b) Bus Wash Bay
c) Wash Path
d) Bus Wash Cycle

The pressure wash control unit, gun, hoses, and holster.
a) Pressure Wash System
b) Under Carriage Wash System
c) Yellow Guide Rails
d) Pressure Wash Gun

The handle and trigger unit that delivers high pressure water spray.
a) Bus Wash Cycle
b) South Area Driver
c) Pressure Wash Gun
d) Bus Cycle Power Button

The sheath where the pressure wash gun must be stored.
a) Pressure Wash System
b) Bus Wash Cycle
c) Mirror Program Toggle Switch
d) Pressure Wash Holster

The walk path around the outside of the Brush Frame.
a) Wash Path
b) Driver Safety Walk Path
c) Bus Cycle Power Button
d) North Area Driver

I visit the North Shop for monthly service; therefore, I may use the South Shop bus wash.
a) True
b) False

Drivers who visit the South Shop for monthly service.
a) North Area Driver
b) South Area Driver

I may leave hoses and other equipment disorganized when I am finished washing my bus.
a) False
b) True

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