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What is Kit's new job in Wethersfield?
a) Maid
b) Store clerk
c) Teacher
d) Housewife

What does Kit learn that explains Matthew's personality?
a) That he never had sons.
b) That his sons died.
c) That he didn't want to have girls.
d) That he was an orphan.

What do people think about Hannah Tupper?
a) That she is a kind old lady.
b) That she is a generous old lady.
c) That she is a witch.
d) None of the above.

What is Kit starting to think about William?
a) That he is boring.
b) That he annoys her.
c) That he will send her back to Barbados.
d) That he will not make her do chores.

Why does Kit not want William to court her?
a) A. She thinks he is unattractive.
b) B. She thinks he is boring.
c) C. She doesn't want to marry him.
d) D. Both B and C.

What is the real reason why Kit left Barbados?
a) She gross man wanted to marry Kit.
b) She wanted to explore the world.
c) She thought America would be a better place to live.
d) She was in search of her mother and father.

What does Kit accidentally hear before going to bed?
a) That Matthew does not want her to stay.
b) That Judith does not want her to stay.
c) That Mercy does not want her to stay.
d) That William Ashby is in love with her.

Who shows interest in Kit?
a) John Holbrook
b) Nat Eaton
c) William Ashby
d) Rev. Bulkeley

How did Matthew react when she caught the girls trying on Kit's dresses?
a) He thought they were beautiful.
b) He was indifferent.
c) He ignored them.
d) He was upset and wouldn't let the girls wear them.

Which of the following describes the opening of the trunks?
a) Everyone was irritated that they took up so much space in the house.
b) The girls were impressed with how fancy the clothes were.
c) The girls were disgusted with how elaborate they were.
d) The girls wanted to run to town to show them off.

What is the difference between Kit and Nat's views of slavery?
a) Kit thinks slavery is a crime and Nat thinks it is acceptable.
b) Kit thinks slavery is acceptable whereas Nat thinks it is a crime.
c) Kit is indifferent towards slavery.
d) Nat is indifferent towards slavery.

How did meeting Aunt Rachel go for Kit?
a) She was upset that she was there.
b) She was surprised but disappointed to see her.
c) They were jealous of her fancy clothes.
d) She was surprised but excited to see her.

How did Matthew Wood treat Kit?
a) He was standoffish and uncomfortable around her.
b) He gladly welcomed her into his home.
c) He asked her to go back home.
d) He ignored her presence.

How is Kit's aunt different from her mother's description?
a) A. She is exactly the same.
b) B. She looks older.
c) C. She looks nothing like her mother's description.
d) D. Both B and C.

What does Kit reveal to the Captain once they reach Wethersfield?
a) That she is a witch.
b) That her aunt and uncle asked her not to come.
c) That her aunt and uncle do not know she is coming.
d) That she escaped captivity in Barbados.

Why is Kit leaving her home?
a) She has no family left in Barbados.
b) She is escaping captivity from a man she did not want to marry.
c) She wants to experience new things.
d) She thinks life will be more glamorous in America.

How did the passengers view Kit's retrieval of the doll?
a) They were impressed that she reacted so quickly.
b) They were angry they she splashed water into the boat.
c) They were appreciative that she was willing to get wet to get the doll for the little girl.
d) They suspected she was a witch.

What can you tell about Kit's life in Barbados?
a) She was wealthy, spoiled and wild.
b) She enjoyed doing chores.
c) She wanted to leave Barbados to experience new things.
d) She wanted to travel to England to meet new family.

In chapter 1, when is Kit embarrassed?
a) After she arrives in America and realizes no one knows she's coming.
b) After she retrieves the doll from the water.
c) After she meets Nat and realizes she likes him.
d) After she falls into the river and realizes people might think she's a witch if she tries to swim.

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