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Which best explains why warm air over the ocean rises?
a) Cool air from the land pushes air up
b) The warm air is denser than cooler air above it
c) The warm air is less dense than the cooler air above it
d) Ocean waves push the warm air up

Deep ocean currents are the result of which process?
a) conduction
b) radiation
c) convection
d) evaporation

What causes most changes in local weather
a) movement of air masses
b) changes in temperature
c) high humidity
d) clouds

A barometer shows that the pressure is rising. Which kind of weather is most likely on the way?
a) stormy
b) rainy
c) fair
d) very wet

When would a sea breeze most likely occur?
a) during the day when the land heats faster than the surface of the sea
b) during the night when the surface of the sea cools faster than the land
c) during the day when the sea is as warm as the land
d) during the night when the air above the land is warmer than the air above the sea

Ocean currents bring deep, nutrient rich water to the surface. What causes these currents to move upward?
a) warm rainwater mixes with surface water, pushing deep water upward
b) cold surface water from the poles sinks, pushing deep water upward
c) wind currents cause surface water to sink, pushing deep water upward
d) runoff water from rivers and lakes causes the warm water to sink, pushing up deep water

What most likely causes the movement of warm surface ocean currents?
a) low and high tides create energy for current movement
b) sunlight heats air forming strong winds that push currents
c) shifting ocean plates
d) warm water helps melt icebergs and glaciers

When the atmosphere is warmed by the sun, a change in air pressure results in?
a) clouds
b) precipitation
c) wind
d) humidity

Which best describes the Gulf stream?
a) cold currents carry cold water from the polar regions to the equator
b) warm currents carry warm water from the tropics toward the poles
c) cold currents carry cold water from the polar zones toward the equator
d) warm currents carry cold water from the tropics to the poles

If the barometer gradually increases in air pressure, humidity is 80% , and the thermometer reading is increasing, what type weather can one expect?
a) cool and rainy
b) clear and sunny
c) rainy and windy
d) cloudy and cold

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