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What is responsible for maintaining consciousness, decision making, recalling information and normal speech?
a) Cerebellum function
b) Autonomic function
c) Peripheral function
d) Cerebral function

What is composed of the thalamus and hypothalamus ?
a) Cerebrum
b) Cerebellum
c) Diencephalon
d) Brain stem

What controls temperature control and appetite control?
a) Stimulus
b) Hypothalamus
c) Thalamus
d) Cerebellum

What controls all body functions related to skeletal muscles, including: walking muscle tone and coordination of muscles ?
a) Cerebrum
b) Cerebellum
c) Brain stem
d) Diencephalon

What nervous system regulates activities of visceral organs ( such as beating of the heart) ?
a) Central nervous system
b) Peripheral nervous system
c) Autonomic nervous system
d) Somatic nervous system

What is the fight or flight system?
a) Parasympathetic system
b) Somatic system
c) Sympathetic system

What system counters SNS - decreases heart rate, decreased respiratory rate, etc.
a) Sympathetic system
b) Parasympathetic system
c) Peripheral system
d) CNS

What disease involved the disturbance in voluntary muscular actions, including symptoms of head rolling, grimacing, difficult speech, and swallowing ?
a) Cerebral palsy
b) Poliomyelitis
c) Parkinson's disease
d) West Nile virus

What is a viral disease that causes progressive muscle weakness leading to paralysis?
a) Parkinson's disease
b) Spinal cord injury
c) Neuritis
d) Poliomyelitis

What disease involves increased volume of cerebrospinal fluid within ventricles of the brain?
a) Multiple sclerosis
b) Meningitis
c) Hydrocephalus
d) Cerebral palsy

What disease involves nerve endings in the cortex of the braIn to degenerate and block signals that pass between nerve cells ?
a) Neuritis
b) Dementia
c) Alzheimer's disease
d) Meningitis

What disease involves the decrease in neurotransmitter dopamine with symptoms of tremors and shuffling gait?
a) Epilepsy
b) Cerebral palsy
c) Poliomyelitis
d) Parkinson's disease

What is the chronic inflammatory disease of CNS- autoimmune?
a) Neuritis
b) Multiple sclerosis
c) Meningitis
d) West Nile virus

What disease causes the inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord with the symptoms : headache, fever and stiff neck, nausea and vomiting
a) Meningitis
b) Neuritis
c) Neuralgia
d) Parkinson's disease

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