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a) speechless
b) married
c) What a shame
d) engaged

a) to be born
b) to give birth
c) to graduate
d) to get married

el compromiso
a) the engagement
b) the brother-in-law
c) the birth
d) the funeral

el anillo
a) the ring
b) the separation
c) the birth
d) the family reunion

dar a luz
a) to give birth
b) to get divorced
c) to be up to something
d) to keep on doing something

casarse con
a) to get married
b) to get divorced
c) to be up to something
d) to give birth

Fíjate que
a) Get this
b) What a shame
c) You don't say
d) What a surprise

la suegra
a) the mother-in-law
b) the step-mother
c) the sister-in-law
d) the half-sister

el hermanastro
a) the step-father
b) the father-in-law
c) the brother-in-law
d) the half-brother

el cuñado
a) the brother-in-law
b) the half-brother
c) the father-in-law
d) the step-father

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