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The ___________________ forbade settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains. Georgia was not directly affected, although it benefited from settlers moving to the colony to claim land.
a) Proclamation of 1763
b) Stamp Act
c) Townshend Acts
d) Boston Tea Party

All of the following were original colonist in Georgia except
a) English
b) Highland Scots
c) Salzburgers
d) French

Which statement best describes Georgia as a royal colony?
a) Georgia was ruled directly by the king through one of his royal governors.
b) Georgia was ruled directly by the king through a council of elected officials.
c) Georgia was ruled by an elected legislature that worked closely with the king.
d) Georgia was ruled by an elected governor that worked closely with the state legislature.

All of the following were Royal Governors expect:
a) John Reynolds
b) Henry Ellis
c) James Wright
d) James Oglethorpe

Which military leader commanded the most troops at the Battle of Kettle Creek?
a) John Dooly
b) Elijah Clarke
c) Colonel Boyd
d) Andrew Pickens

The main purpose of the Spanish missions on the barrier islands was to..
a) claim land for Spain
b) Establish trade with Spain
c) Convert the Indians to Catholicism
d) Provide protection for the area's European settlers

Which of the following does NOT border Georgia?
a) Alabama
b) Tennessee
c) Pacific Ocean
d) Atlantic Ocean

Why have few Paleo artifacts been found in any one place?
a) People moved frequently
b) Artifacts disappeared over time
c) People did not leave any artifacts
d) Few people lived during that time

Which factor resulted in prehistoric Indians making permanent settlements?
a) The Indians had abundant large game
b) The Indians started to cultivate plants
c) The Indians followed herd of large animals
d) The Indians wanted to band together for protection

Why did Hernando de Soto explore much of Georgia in 1540? A He
a) He was attracted by possible gold deposits
b) He wanted to build forts and missions in the state
c) He was searching for the magical Fountain of Youth
d) He believed that he would find a passage to Asia through Georgia

The main reason the king wanted to create the colony of Georgia was to...
a) Help pay royal debts
b) Civilize the native Indians
c) Release debtors from Prison
d) Establish a source of raw material

Which term BEST describes the kind of people Oglethorpe and his associates wanted to bring to Georgia?
a) Well Educated
b) Former convicts
c) Deeply religious
d) Poor but worthy

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