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What principle of design deals with a striking difference between 2 things?
a) unity
b) contrast
c) color
d) emphasis

Unity means...
a) everything working together in a composition
b) asymmetry in a composition
c) united
d) working hard on your artwork

What is the name of the place where all lines converge in a perspective drawing?
a) orthogonal line
b) horizon line
c) vanishing point
d) vertical point

When you emphasize something you...
a) make it stand out
b) color it in with bold colors
c) use a medium like paint or pastels
d) make it all flow together

What does the word medium mean in Art?
a) the materials used in a work of Art
b) the middle of a painting
c) the value of a painting
d) a ghost

What would be a subject matter of a painting?
a) a football player
b) oil paints
c) foreground, middleground, background
d) how it is unified

What does the word aesthetic mean?
a) the beauty of an artwork
b) how artistic you are
c) how much a painting is worth
d) anaylzing a work

Which of the following is a list of styles?
a) Red, Orange, Yellow
b) Impressionism, Surrealism, Abstract
c) Unity, Emphasis, Contrast
d) Color, Value, Space

What Principle of Design deals with using multiple types of art elements?
a) Contrast
b) Balance
c) Unity
d) Variety

What of the following is a list of some of the Art Elements?
a) Space, Color, Texture
b) Unity, Contrast, Value
c) Emphasis, Variety, Unity
d) Proportion, Color, Value

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