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The background/qualifications of the author/host of a website is not important.
a) True
b) False

A quality website should
a) Not include author contact information.
b) List the author's qualifications and sources used.
c) Contain strong language and opinions.

Who can create a website?
a) Anyone.
b) Only technology experts.
c) Only people who are experts on a topic or subject.

The spelling and grammar on a website
a) Should have no mistakes.
b) Should have no more than one mistake.
c) Should have no more than two mistakes.

The creation date/revision dates on a website
a) Are not important to the researcher.
b) Is needed for the chronological placement of website information.
c) Tells the researcher how current the website is.

The purpose of a website
a) Should be to persuade you to do something.
b) Should be hidden so you have to think about it.
c) Should be easy to understand.

A biased website
a) Presents both sides of the topic equally.
b) Uses strong language and presents only one side of the issue.
c) Is a good source to use.

Domain names (.gov, .com, .edu)
a) Tell you what type of website you are using.
b) Are not important.
c) Provides you the name of the website.

The 3 most reliable domains are
a) .mil, .org, .com
b) .edu, .mil, .gov
c) .net, .edu, .mil

Evaluating websites
a) Is not necessary. All websites are equal in information quality.
b) Will teach you to create a good website.
c) Helps the researcher select websites that contain good quality information.

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