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Shakespeare is considered the greatest playwright in history because
a) nobody reads the plays anymore.
b) he understood the human condition more than anyone else has, and he wrote extremely well.
c) he was the world's best rhymer of all time.
d) he made more money from his published books than anyone else ever has.

Shakespearean language is difficult to understand mostly because
a) he wrote only for a highly educated audience.
b) they were written 400 years ago and the English language has changed since then.
c) he wrote them all in slang terms only his friends could understand.
d) they were not written in English.

William Shakespeare's plays were never published during his lifetime because
a) no one thought they were any good.
b) Queen Elizabeth disapproved of the theater.
c) he was on the run from the law and had gambling debts.
d) he wrote scripts, gave them to actors, they performed the plays, and then they usually were discarded.

Some people believe William Shakespeare could not have written his plays because
a) he flunked out of grammar school.
b) he grew up poor in a rural area.
c) he never wrote anything else.
d) he never attended a college or university.

William Shakespeare was an famous playwright who performed his plays in a theater company in
a) Verona, Italy
b) Elsinore, Denmark
c) London, England
d) Edinburgh, Scotland

Shakespeare's comedies have this in common:
a) they are the last plays he wrote before he died
b) they contain ridiculous mixups, wordplay, and end in happy romances
c) a noble hero with a terrible flaw dies at the end
d) all of the characters are servants and from the lower classes

Shakespeare wrote 37 plays, most of which could be put into these three categories:
a) comedy, history, tragedy
b) romance, drama, comedy
c) violence, nudity, language
d) early, modern, later

Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets, which were
a) 16 line poems with the rhyme scheme ababab cdcdcd efefef gg
b) love poems written in blank verse
c) long narrative poems written in rhymed couplets
d) 16 line poems written in the Italian (Petrarchan) style

What poetic meter does Shakespeare use primarily in his plays?
a) iambic pentameter
b) trochaic tetrameter
c) rhymed couplets
d) terza rima

An allusion in a play is
a) a reference to a famous fact from history, mythology, or literature.
b) something that appears to be real but is not.
c) repetition of initial consonant sounds.
d) the part after the conclusion of the play that tells the rest of the story.

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