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Why does an employer ask about a criminal record?
a) To make sure employees don't commit more crimes.
b) To avoid hiring someone who might be a liability to the company.
c) To ensure that they are within the law.
d) Just in case the employer wants his car stolen.

Why does an employer want to know if you have friends or relatives that work there?
a) So they will know when you need time off to be with family.
b) So they won't hire family members.
c) So they can check your Facebook page.
d) So they can ask about your work habits.

Why should you only provide your Social Security upon employment?
a) So they can't run a credit check on you.
b) Because they don't need it anyway.
c) To prevent misuse of your SS number.
d) Because you don't know it anyway.

What might happen if you enter a wage desired on your application?
a) If it is too low, they won't hire you.
b) If it is too high, they might screen you out.
c) They will give you what you want.
d) They will negotiate with you over the salary.

If you really want whatever job is available, should you write ANYTHING under position desired?
a) No because it makes you sound desperate.
b) No because they might give you a really bad job.
c) Yes because you really want to do anything.
d) Yes because they will offer you the best job.

What is one way that employers can tell if you can follow directions well?
a) If you return the application within 24 hours.
b) If you dress appropriately when you pick up the application.
c) If you shake hands when you meet the manager.
d) If you follow the directions on the application.

What is the first thing that you should do when you get an application?
a) Put your full name and the date on top.
b) Staple the pages so they don't get lost.
c) Read the whole form carefully.
d) Start answering the questions.

When you enter a business to pick up an application, you should be prepared to do what?
a) Go to work.
b) Be interviewed.
c) Meet the supervisor.
d) Purchase something.

Why should you dress appropriately when going in to pick up an application?
a) You should always look good.
b) Your friends might see you.
c) First impressions are important.
d) So the manager can see if you fit in.

What is the purpose of a job application?
a) It helps the manager to spot your strengths and weaknesses.
b) It helps the manager read your resume.
c) It helps the owner to make sure the manager is doing his job.
d) It helps the applicant to get a job.

In what order should your employment be listed on an application?
a) Most important first.
b) Most recent last.
c) Most important last.
d) Most recent first.

If you didn't like your former supervisor, you should list your reason for leaving as what?
a) Personality conflict with supervisor.
b) Resigned.
c) Fired.
d) Boss was a jerk.

Your application should be:
a) Free of spelling errors.
b) Written in pencil.
c) Written in cursive.
d) Folded in half.

Who should be your references?
a) Friends and relatives.
b) Current employers
c) Former co-workers, supervisors or teachers
d) Some guy off the street.

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