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Hiram Rhodes Revels was important because he was-
a) awarded the Medal of Honor for carrying the flag.
b) elected by former slaves who could vote because of the 15th Amendment.
c) Southerners elected him to the Supreme Court.
d) Jefferson Davis gave him his job as President of the South.

This law was made to break up the Native Indian tribes:
a) Morrill Land Grant Act
b) Homestead Act
c) Dawes Act
d) Intolerable Acts

These laws were passed to keep African Americans from voting:
a) Kansas-Nebraska Act
b) Civil Rights Act
c) Freedom of Information Act
d) Black Codes

This law gives free land to anyone who will farm the land for 5 years:
a) Homestead Act
b) Dawes Act
c) Morrill Land Grant Act
d) Prohibition Act

This tax was required to be paid in order to vote:
a) Estate Tax
b) Property Tax
c) Poll Tax
d) Brass Tacks

This is when African Americans and Whites live apart from each other:
a) Integration
b) Segregation
c) Assimilation
d) Gentrification

These tests had to be passed in order to vote during Reconstruction:
a) STAAR Tests
b) GED's
c) Citizenship Tests
d) Literacy Tests

Who did the Grandfather Clause affect?
a) Poor Whites
b) Rich Southern planters
c) Freed African Americans
d) Native Indians

Putting the nation back together is called:
a) Reunion
b) Rehabilatation
c) Reconstruction
d) Recidivism

Laws that were intended to keep African Americans segregated were called:
a) Bill of Rights
b) Jim Crow Laws/Black Codes
c) Civil War Amendments
d) NewtonLaws

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