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How many grams are in 1.00 mole of Li?
a) 6 x 10^23 g
b) 3 g
c) 6.94 g
d) 6.94 amu

The molar mass of resveratrol, C14H14O3, a compound found in wine that may provide cardio-vascular health, is
a) 96
b) 230
c) 115
d) 342

6.02 X 10^23 is:
a) all of the answers are correct
b) Avogadro’s number
c) the number of particles in 1 mole of anything
d) a counting unit and not a mass unit

How many grams are in 1.50x10^23 atoms As?
a) 0.25 g
b) 1.50x10^23 g
c) 18.66 amu
d) 18.66 g

How many moles are represented by 40.1 g Ca?
a) 1
b) 6.02 X 10^23
c) 0.5
d) 2

How many atoms are in 5.0 moles of silver?
a) 3.0 x 10^24 atoms
b) 3 x 10^24 atoms
c) 1.2 x 10^24 atoms
d) 3.0 x 10^24 molecules

How many moles are in 0.56 grams of potassium?
a) 0.014
b) 21.9
c) 22
d) 0.028

How many moles do 3.25 x 10^5 g Pb represent?
a) 1570
b) 67300000
c) 67340000
d) 1568

How many grams are in 7.5 x 10^22 molecules of water
a) 2.2
b) 2
c) 0.12
d) 1.92

How many Royals in 0.50 mol of Royals?
a) 3.0 x 10^23
b) 3.011 x 10^23
c) 12 x 10^23
d) 6.0 x 10^23

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