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What provides evidence of deposition from a stream?
a) Unsorted sediment at the base of a cliff
b) Unsorted sediment, striations, U shaped valley
c) Sorted rounded sediments, V shaped valley
d) Angular sediment within a streambed

What provides evidence of glacial deposition?
a) Sorted sediments, V shaped valley
b) Layered rounded sediment
c) Unsorted sediment, striations, U shaped valley
d) Unsorted sediment at the base of a cliff

What order will the following sediments be deposited?
a) Sand, silt, clay, pebbles
b) Pebbles, clay, sand, silt
c) Pebbles, sand, silt, clay
d) Boulders, sand, cobbles, silt

What is the relationship between stream velocity and erosion?
a) Direct
b) Indirect
c) Cyclical
d) No change

What is the relationship between stream velocity and deposition?
a) Indirect
b) Direct
c) No change
d) Cyclical

In a meandering stream, where does erosion occur?
a) Outside of the curve
b) Inside of the curve
c) In the center
d) On the bottom

In a meandering stream, where does deposition occur?
a) On in outside of the curve
b) On the inside of the curve
c) At the bottom
d) In the middle

What causes the velocity of a stream to increase?
a) Decrease in slope
b) Increase in discharge
c) Decrease of pebbles
d) Increase in tributaries

How are rocks classified?
a) Composition
b) Density
c) Origin
d) Texture

What rock will most likely contain a fossil?
a) Rhyolite
b) Granite
c) Obsidian
d) Limestone

What rock is composed of cemented plant remains?
a) Coal
b) Limestone
c) Granite
d) Rock gypsum

What rock does a sediment 0.1 cm in diameter make?
a) Shale
b) Siltstone
c) Sandstone
d) Limestone

What is the composition of rock salt?
a) Halite
b) Calcite
c) Gypsum
d) Coal

What does the texture bioclastic mean?
a) Made from pieces of other rock
b) Made from pieces of other sediment
c) Made from pieces of once living things
d) Made from biology

What is the major difference between a conglomerate and breccia?
a) Size of sediment
b) Composition of sediment
c) Shape of sediment
d) Density of sediment

How are most sedimentary rocks formed?
a) Burial and metamorphism
b) Compaction and cementation
c) Melting and solidification
d) Recrystallization

How are the characteristics of a mineral classified?
a) By their internal arrangement of atoms
b) By their shape
c) By their size
d) By their composition

What is the most effective tool in determining a mineral's name?
a) Streak
b) Cleavage
c) Color
d) Hardness

Why is color not a good indicator for a mineral?
a) Many minerals can be the same color
b) Most minerals are only one color
c) No minerals share the same color
d) Minerals do not have a color

What is the definition of cleavage?
a) Breaks along uneven planes
b) Breaks along even planes
c) Does not break
d) Breaks into jagged fragments

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