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What docontour lines connect?
a) Points of equal pressure
b) Points of equal temperature
c) Points of equal elevation
d) Points of equal latitude

Where does precipitation happen?
a) Behind the front
b) Wherever it wants
c) At the frontal boundary
d) In the middle of the front

How are an air masses properties determine?
a) By its moisture content
b) By its source region (area in which it formed)
c) Air masses do not have properties
d) By forming over the ocean

What happens when dew point is reached?
a) Clouds form
b) Precipitation happens
c) It begins to snow
d) Sun is shining

Winds always blow from....
a) Low to high
b) Left to right
c) High to low
d) North to south

What causes wind?
a) Differences in air pressure
b) The ocean tides
c) Insolation from the sun
d) Changing seasons

How do the winds in a high pressure system blow?
a) Clockwise and inward
b) Counterclockwise and outward
c) Clockwise and outward
d) Counterclockwise and inward

How do the winds blow in a low pressure system?
a) Counterclockwise and outward
b) Counterclockwise and inward
c) Clockwise and outward
d) Clockwise and inward

What does SAWC stand for?
a) Sinking air warms and compresses
b) Sinking air warms and expands
c) Rising air warms and expands
d) Rising air warms and compresses

What do isobars connect?
a) Points of equal latitude
b) Points of equal pressure
c) Points of equal elevation
d) Points of equal temperature

What is the most likely source region for a cP air mass that is currently over the United States?
a) Northern Canada
b) Gulf of Mexico
c) California
d) Japan

What is the most likely source region for an mT air mass in the United States?
a) Northern Canda
b) Gulf of Mexico
c) California
d) Equator

What is the key word for convection?
a) Touch
b) Requires no medium
c) Differences in density
d) Smell

What is the key phrase for radiation?
a) Differences in density
b) Touch
c) Requires no medium
d) Insolation

What is the major force behind weathering, erosion and deposition?
a) Gravity
b) Running water
c) Ice
d) Wind

What climate is best suited for chemical weathering?
a) Hot and dry
b) Hot and wet
c) Cold and dry
d) Cold and wet

What factors are required for frost action to occur?
a) Hot temperatures, wet climate
b) Hot temperatures, dry climate
c) Freezing temperatures, moist climate
d) Alternating freezing and warming temperatures with a moist climate

Why do smaller rocks weather faster?
a) More surface area
b) Less surface area
c) More density
d) Less density

What force is required for mass movement?
a) Running water
b) Wind
c) Glaciers
d) Gravity

Whats the most comment agent of erosion?
a) Glaciers
b) Wind
c) Running water
d) Gravity

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