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What days do 6th graders have band?
a) Monday and Tuesday
b) Tuesday and Wednesday
c) Wednesday and Friday
d) Tuesday and Thursday

Who is the principal of the middle school?
a) Mr. Kipka
b) Mrs. Messerich
c) Mr. Rudolph
d) Mr. Turner

What day is homecoming this year?
a) Sept. 19
b) Sept. 26
c) Oct. 3
d) Oct. 10

Activity day is a chance for students and staff to experiences new activities together. What month will activity day be this year?
a) January
b) February
c) March
d) April

What is the name of the new student orientation/ mentorship program at the middle school?
a) Starz
b) WEB
c) You in the Middle
d) Welcome

How many adults work in the middle school? (certified staff, paras, clerical, food service, custodial)
a) 110
b) 210
c) 57
d) 80

The conservation camp where 6th graders spend 2 days and 2 nights is called ___________.
a) Up North
b) Good Portage
c) Deep Portage
d) Deportage

What classes are offered as allied arts classes at the middle school?
a) piano lab, art, world culture
b) phy ed., media technology, industrial technology
c) family and consumer sciences, health, literacy workshop
d) all of the above

How many students are in the middle school?
a) 750
b) 825
c) 990
d) 1011

What grade levels are included in the middle school?
a) grades 5-9
b) grades 6-8
c) grades 7-9
d) grades 5-8

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