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The reproductive structure of an angiosperm
a) flowers
b) cones
c) cotyledon
d) leaves

The embryonic leaf inside a plant or seed leaf
a) cotyledon
b) flower
c) cones
d) leaves

Angiosperms or flowering plants whose embryos have two seed leaves
a) dicots
b) monocots
c) conifers
d) gingkos

Angiosperms or flowering plants whose embryos have one seed leaf
a) monocot
b) dicot
c) conifers
d) gingkos

The reproductive structure of most gymnosperms
a) cones
b) flowers
c) cotyledon
d) needles

A seed plant that has seeds enclosed in some type of fruit.
a) angiosperm
b) gymnoperm
c) conifer
d) gingko

A seed plant whose seeds are not enclosed in fruit but have cones instead
a) gymnosperm
b) angiosperm
c) monocot
d) dicot

When pollen meets female reproductive parts of the same plant species
a) pollination
b) gestation
c) aggradation
d) transpiration

The mature ovary of a flower that surrounds and protects seeds.
a) fruit
b) pistal
c) stamen
d) cotyledon

The fibrous material made up of dead cells that are part of the vascular system of some plants
a) wood
b) xylem
c) phloem
d) meristem

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