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Broken glassware should be cleaned up by using....
a) Tongues
b) Your Hands
c) your lab partner
d) a broom and dust pan

You should always point test tubes toward...
a) Yourself
b) The teacher
c) Your lab partner
d) Away from all people

The word flammable means...
a) Big flame
b) It starts on fire easily
c) A close cousin to flubber
d) A liquid

All lab procedures can begin when...
a) The teacher is present
b) The students are present
c) Officer friendly is around
d) If someone who is 18 is in the room

All chemicals should be considered
a) Edible
b) Dangerous
c) Safe
d) something you can play with

Eye goggles are better than safety glasses because
a) They look way cooler
b) They completely cover the eye
c) They make a nice mark on the forehead
d) There is no difference

All chemicals should be returned....
a) To their original container
b) Disposed of according to your instructor
c) Given to the next class
d) Used for various experiments that you come up with in your head

A fire extinguisher is used to put out fires on...
a) Animals
b) Humans
c) Anything that is not alive
d) I have no idea what a fire extinguisher is...

Lab aprons can be useful to protect you from...
a) Chemicals spilling on your clothes
b) chemicals spilling on your shoes
c) chemicals spilling on your face
d) chemicals spilling on your back

Horseplay is not allowed in the lab because...
a) it's dangerous
b) it's not fun to do
c) someone may try to get you back for something you did to them
d) Case does not own any horses yet, but once they do it will be allowed

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