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John tNate thought is Pokemon cards were rare, but they were a dime a dozen. What does this mean?
a) Cheap
b) Very common, easy to get
c) Foreign
d) Unreplaceable

I thought that getting my teacher to raise my grade would be as easy as pie. What does this mean?
a) She's so nice
b) Difficult
c) Hard to do
d) Not difficult, requiring little or no effort

What would be the most like this idiom: Easy as Pie
a) Piece of cake
b) Piece of turkey
c) Piece of puzzles
d) Piece of mind

I want to help the new girl from Spain. She must feel like a fish out of water.
a) A person likes to swim
b) A person who is out of thier usual place-someone who does not fit in
c) A person who likes to fish
d) A person who eats fish

I don't want to babysit tonight. I hope my sister will get me off the hook.
a) To get the fish off of a hook using pliers
b) To free yourself or someone from something you don't want to do
c) To make someone do something they hate
d) To make lemonade out of lemons

Come quick! Your brother is going bananas.
a) He is going crazy
b) He wants to go to the zoo to see the monkies
c) He is going to get a banana from the counter
d) He is charming

You are not quite failing, but you are hanging on by a thread.
a) Hanging by a rope that is thin
b) Hanging over a cliff
c) In a dangerous or unsafe positoin
d) In a situation that is terrific

When there is a sub you should always mind your P's and Q's.
a) Behave like you are going bananas
b) Behave politely; try not to do anything wrong
c) Behave like it is the last day of school
d) Behave disrespectfully

This teacher is tough, but once in a blue moon, she does not give us homework.
a) When it is a full moon and the sky looks blue
b) All of the time
c) Not on the weekend.
d) Almost never, very seldom

Mr. Grand is on the warpath because his car broke down again.
a) Is angry or infuriated
b) Is going broke
c) Is happy
d) Is going to cry

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