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What is the definition of lithification?
a) Made into soap
b) Made into sand
c) Made into sediment
d) Made into rock

What does mono-mineralic mean?
a) Made of many minerals
b) Made of one mineral
c) Made of four minerals
d) Made of ten minerals

What does clastic mean?
a) Pieces of other rock
b) Grain size
c) IDK
d) Levels within society.

What is the difference between conglomerate and breccia?
a) Size of the clasts
b) Shape of the clasts
c) No difference
d) Their origin of formation

What is the grain size of a rock with crystalline texture?
a) Big
b) Small
c) Medium
d) Fine to coarse

What is the most common type of texture among sedimentary rocks?
a) Smooth
b) Clastic
c) Bioclastic
d) Rough

Which rock is composed of compacted plant remains?
a) Coal
b) Limestone
c) Rock Salt
d) Breccia

What rock has rounded fragments?
a) Breccia
b) Granite
c) Limestone
d) Conglomerate

What is the size range for sand grains?
a) 0.0004 - 0.006 cm
b) 0.2 - 0.4 cm
c) 0.006 - 0.2 cm
d) 1 - 5 cm

Which rock can be considered mono-mineralic?
a) rhyolite
b) obsidian
c) limestone
d) sandstone

How are inorganic land derived sedimentary rocks made?
a) Compaction and cementation
b) Precipitation
c) Evaporation
d) Chemically

What inorganic rock is made of the smallest sediment?
a) Breccia
b) Conglomerate
c) Shale
d) Sandstone

What rock splits easily?
a) Gneiss
b) Granite
c) Shale
d) Siltstone

What does bioclastic mean?
a) Composed of pieces of once living things
b) Composed of pieces of other rock
c) Composed of diamonds
d) Composed of sneakers

In what environment do most sedimentary rocks form?
a) Ice
b) Wind
c) Dry
d) Water

What is the law of superposition?
a) Older rocks are on top
b) Older rocks are on the bottom
c) Older rocks are in the middle
d) Older rocks don't exist

What type of rock are fossils found in?
a) Igneous
b) Metamorphic
c) Sedimentary
d) Gneiss

What type of sediments gets deposited first?
a) Small
b) Large
c) Medium
d) None

Why are most sediments usually rounded?
a) Formed in a watery environment
b) Formed in glaciers
c) Formed from wind
d) Formed in the desert

What does stratification mean?
a) Dots
b) Circles
c) Layers
d) Footprints

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