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Who is the nobleman who wants to marry Juliet?
a) Mercutio
b) Benvolio
c) Paris
d) Balthasar

Who is the relative of the prince and Romeo's friend?
a) Paris
b) Sampson
c) Tybalt
d) Mercutio

Who is a servant of the Montagues?
a) Balthasar
b) Sampson
c) Tybalt
d) Benvolio

Nephew of Montague; a peacemaker
a) Romeo
b) Benvolio
c) Balthasar
d) Tybalt

Nephew of Lady Capulet; hates peace
a) Romeo
b) Benvolio
c) Balthasar
d) Tybalt

Servant of the Capulets
a) Sampson
b) Balthasar
c) Benvolio
d) Mercutio

Which event does the Prologue foreshadow?
a) the deaths of Romeo and Juliet
b) the marriage of Romeo and Juliet
c) the death of Romeo and Juliet's child
d) the marriage of Paris and Juliet

Which character is NOT involved in the fray (fight)?
a) Romeo
b) Tybalt
c) Sampson
d) Gregory

What will be Prince Escalus's punishment if there is any more fighting?
a) banishment from Verona
b) a fine
c) death
d) prison

Who finds out what has been bothering Romeo?
a) Benvolio
b) Lady Montague
c) the Nurse
d) Rosaline

Why has Romeo been upset lately?
a) Juliet doesn't love him.
b) There has been too much fighting.
c) Rosaline doesn't love him.
d) He is having trouble with his parents.

Why does Lord Capulet initially hesitate to grant the request of Paris?
a) Paris is too old.
b) Juliet is too young.
c) Paris is too poor.
d) Capulet wants Juliet to choose her own husband.

Romeo won't dance at the party because
a) his head hurts.
b) he hurt his foot in the fight.
c) he hates dancing.
d) his soul is heavy.

At the Capulet party, Tybalt recognizes Romeo by
a) his voice.
b) his costume.
c) his height.
d) the scar on his hand.

How old was Shakespeare when he died?
a) 32
b) 42
c) 52
d) 62

Where was Shakespeare born?
a) Stratford-on-Avon
b) Verona
c) London
d) Milan

What was the name of the theater Shakespeare built with the Lord Chamberlain's Men?
a) the Swan Theatre
b) the Rose Theatre
c) the Globe Theatre
d) the Capri Theatre

The first collected edition of Shakespeare's works is known as
a) Shakespeare: The Playwright of His Time
b) Shakespeare and Elizabethan Theatre
c) The Lost Works of William Shakespeare
d) The First Folio

The Lost Years are
a) the years where there are no records of Shakespeare.
b) the years when Shakespeare was unable to write due to writer's block.
c) the years when the government shut down the theatres due to the Plague.
d) the years when Shakespeare retired to his home in the country.

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