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Which is not a major tectonic plate?
a) Antarctic Plate
b) North America Plate
c) Pacific Plate
d) Indo-Australian Plate

Which of the following are created because of movement of the Earth's Tectonic Plates?
a) new ocean crust
b) volcanoes
c) mountains
d) all of these

Which tectonic plate does not touch the Ring of Fire?
a) Pacific
b) African
c) Eurasian
d) South American

The Mid Atlantic Ridge is a deep trench formed in the Atlantic Ocean. What type of boundary caused this rift to form?
a) Convergent
b) Transform
c) Strike-Slip
d) Divergent

The Eurasian Plate contains which two continents?
a) Africa and Asia
b) Africa and Europe
c) Europe and Asia
d) Europe and North America

What is the name of the large super continent that existed millions of years ago?
a) Panam
b) Pangaea
c) Transform
d) Atlantis

Boundary created when two plates collide?
a) Convergent
b) Divergent
c) Transform
d) Uplift

Boundary created when two plates separate?
a) Divergent
b) Convergent
c) Transform
d) Uplift

Boundary created when two plates slip/slide past each other?
a) Divergent
b) Convergent
c) Transform
d) Uplift

Occurs when one plate is pushed under another plate.
a) Uplift
b) Subduction
c) Strike-Slip
d) Divergent

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