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Which of the following lists shows the way in which the body is organized in order from smallest level to highest level?
a) cells, tissues, organs, organ systems
b) tissues, cells, organs, organ systems
c) organs, tissues, cells, organ systems
d) cells, tissues, organ systems, organs

Which muscle tissue can be both voluntary and involuntary?
a) smooth muscle
b) cardiac muscle
c) skeletal muscle
d) all of the above

________________ are examples of smooth muscle.
a) Muscles in the wall of the small intestine
b) Biceps
c) Heart muscles
d) The muscles that control the eyelid

Which of the following is not a type of epithelial tissue?
a) nails
b) hair
c) skin
d) teeth

a) work in pairs.
b) become stronger if exercised.
c) attach to bone for movement.
d) all of the above

a) produce new blood cells.
b) produce new bone cells.
c) store nutrients.
d) store bone marrow.

lymphatic system
a) Sends chemicals to start body functions
b) Transmits electrical messages to control body functions
c) Fights infection (immune system)
d) Pumps blood to supply oxygen and nutrients to the body

urinary system
a) Absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide
b) Eliminates waste from the blood
c) Breaks down food into nutrients that the body can absorb
d) Shields other tissue against infection

endocrine system
a) Eliminates waste from the blood
b) Supports and protects the body
c) Breaks down food into nutrients that the body can absorb
d) Sends chemicals to start body functions

A(n) ______________________ is a place where two or more bones meet.
a) joint
b) tendon
c) cartilage
d) growth plate

______________________ is the maintenance of a stable internal environment.
a) homeostasis
b) skeleton
c) blood calcium level
d) digestion

The structure that allows bones to be able to grow as we age is called a(n)
a) growth plate
b) joint
c) cartilage
d) skele-grow

The organ system that includes skin, hair, and nails is the
a) integumentary system
b) epidermal system
c) lymphatic system
d) endocrine system

A(n) ______________________ is made up of two or more tissues working together.
a) organ
b) organ system
c) cell body
d) diaphragm

The ______________________ supports and protects the body, stores minerals, and allows movement.
a) skeletal system
b) cardiovascular system
c) nervous system
d) integumentary system

Which of the following are functions of the skeletal system?
a) Control the level of insulin in the blood
b) Help maintain homeostasis
c) Transfer oxygen to the blood
d) Make new nerve tissue

Which of the following apply to connective tissue? Check all that apply.
a) May insulate the body
b) May transmit chemical signals
c) Includes nerve cells
d) Includes skin

allows movement in only two directions
a) hinge joint
b) condyloid joint
c) pivot joint
d) bidirectional joint

Which statement is not true?
a) Flexors bend a joint and extensors straigten a joint
b) Flexors and extensors work together at a joint
c) Tendons connect bone to bone and ligaments connect muscle to bone
d) Tendons connect muscle to bone and ligaments connect bone to bone

This type of joint at your elbow allows you to be able to turn your hand palm up or palm down
a) pivot
b) condyloid
c) ball and socket
d) hinge

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