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Which of the following would likely form a heterogeneous mixture?
a) Baking soda and water
b) Salt and water
c) Sand and water
d) Sugar and water

Since the mud in muddy water eventually settles out, the muddy water is a __________.
a) Solution
b) Suspension
c) Colloid

In the Solubility lab, what did you change the temperature of?
a) Solvent
b) Solute
c) Entire solution
d) All of the above

If solid material settles out of a mixture over time, the unknown mixture is likely a __________.
a) Solution
b) Suspension
c) Colloid
d) Homogenous

What does the rate of solution measure?
a) how much of a substance precipitates
b) how fast a substance precipitates
c) how much of a substance dissolves
d) how fast a substance dissolves

Separating out solute from a solvent through evaporation is a __________ process.
a) Physical
b) Chemical
c) Nuclear

In the Mixtures lab, you waited to see if the liquid would form lumpy or fluffy masses, which would indicate it was a __________.
a) suspension
b) colloid
c) homogenous mixture
d) solution

__________ is known as the universal solvent because it dissolves more solutes than any other solvent.
a) Hydrochloric acid
b) Salt
c) Vinegar
d) Water

What is solubility?
a) Solubility is how much solid only will dissolve in liquid only.
b) Solubility is how much solute will precipitate out of solvent.
c) Solubility is how much solute will dissolve in solvent.
d) Solubility is how much solvent will dissolve in solute.

Opening a soda bottle illustrates how a decrease in pressure will __________ the amount of gas that can be dissolved in water.
a) Decrease
b) Increase
c) Not Change

Which of the following does not affect the rate of solubility?
a) surface area
b) temperature
c) pressure
d) weight

You can increase the rate solute dissolves in solvent by __________.
a) lowering the temperature of the solvent
b) using more particles of solute
c) using larger particles of solute
d) crushing particles of solute

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