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When an armistice was signed ending the Korean War
a) North and South Korea were still divided along the 38th parallel.
b) a communist government was established in South Korea
c) China gained control of the entire population.
d) communist fears in the United States lifted.

This term refers to the indirect but hostile conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union that began ad the end of WWII.
a) The Cold War.
b) North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
c) Containment
d) Brinkmanship

To label someone’s activities as _______ would be to suggest that the person is making unsupported accusations.
a) McCarthyism.
b) Infiltration
c) Infiltration
d) Brinkmanship

The policy that threatened retaliation of all out war against acts of aggression toward the United States was
a) brinkmanship.
b) the Marshall Plan.
c) the Roosevelt Corollary.
d) containment.

Some ways the United States felt they could stop the spread of communism was by
a) providing economic and military aide to support democracy.
b) dropping nuclear weapons on non-Democratic countries.
c) isolating the U.S. from the rest of the world.
d) upporting communist countries.

Rapid suburbanization in the 1950’s was primarily a result of;
a) the pursuit of the “American Dream”
b) the baby boom.
c) the baby boom.
d) white, middle-class Americans’ desire for non-conformity.

In response to the western military alliance, the Soviet Union formed a military alliance with eastern European countries called
a) the Warsaw Pact.
b) OPEC.
d) NATO.

What was the “Cold War”?
a) A struggle between Democratic capitalism and communism.
b) The war between the Soviet Union and China.
c) A major war fought in Antarctica.
d) The battle forces in Siberia.

The main goal of the Truman Doctrine and the Berlin Airlift was to
a) restrict the spread of communism.
b) hold Congress accountable.
c) force Germany to pay war reparations.
d) promote free elections in Europe.

The vast majority of new homes in the 1950’s were built in the;
a) suburbs.
b) suburbs.
c) small cities.
d) big cities.

The U.S. and NATO became involved in the Korean Conflict to;
a) prevent communist North Korea from taking over Democratic South Korea.
b) prevent Japan from taking over North and South Korea.
c) prevent communist South Korea from taking over Democratic North Korea.
d) stop the Soviet Union from capturing South Korea.

The U.S. established a policy of containment that was meant to;
a) stop the spread of communism.
b) stop the spread of democracy.
c) reunite Germany.
d) go to war with the Soviet Union.

The “blacklisting” that cost film industry workers their jobs in the 1940’s and early 1950’s was due to;
a) a fear of communism.
b) very dark ink used in creating the list.
c) directors making films against communism.
d) decisions by the Hollywood Ten.

After WWII West Germany became;
a) Democratic.
b) a Monarchy.
c) Communist.
d) Anarchist.

Accusations that communism was widely present in he U.S. government and military were made by;
a) Joseph McCarthy.
b) Alger Hiss.
c) Douglas MacArthur.
d) John Foster Dulles.

Which of the following refers to the largest generation in the nation’s history, the one born between 1946-1964?
a) Baby boomers
b) Conglomerate
c) Franchises
d) Generation X

What was the name of the defensive alliance the United States joined after WWII?
b) Warsaw Pact

Bomb shelters and duck and cover drills began when;
a) both the U.S. and Soviet Union had similar capabilities with nuclear weapons.
b) only the U.S. had nuclear capabilities.
c) Japan had nuclear capabilities.
d) only the Soviet Union had nuclear capabilities.

The first civilians executed for espionage in the United States were;
a) Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.
b) Dr. Jonas Salk and Dr. Benjamin Spock.
c) Ray and Wendy Kroc
d) Ray and Wendy Kroc.

After WWII East Germany became
a) Communist.
b) a dictatorship.
c) Anarchy.
d) Democratic.

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