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What were the three regions of the Thirteen Colonies?
a) New England, Middle, and Southern
b) North, Middle, and Southern
c) New England, Spain, and Canada
d) Jamestowne, Plimoth, and Massachusetts

The war between New England and the Native Americans was known as...
a) War of 1812
b) French and Indian War
c) King Phillip's War
d) Battle of Saratoga

This became known as the Lost Colony because the colonists disappeared
a) Jamestowne
b) Plimoth
c) Massachusetts
d) Roanoke

The time in Jamestowne when colonists refused to work and didn't have enough to eat was known as...
a) Starving Time
b) Triangular Trade Route
c) Winter at Valley Forge
d) Boston Massacre

This event led to British debt. The colonists were expected to pay for the war even though they didn't settle the land.
a) King Phillip's War
b) French and Indian War
c) Winter at Valley Forge
d) Boston Masascre

The shipping route between North America, Europe, and Africa
a) Triangular Trade Route
b) American Shipping Route
c) Square Trade Route
d) New England Tea Company

This area was good farm land, but also had ports in New York and Philadelphia.
a) New England Colonies
b) Middle Colonies
c) Southern Colonies
d) Roanoke

This area had the best farm land.
a) Middle Colonies
b) New England Colonies
c) Northern Colonies
d) Southern Colonies

This area used natural resources to build ships. They also used the ocean to fish and whale.
a) Middle Colonies
b) New York
c) New England Colonies
d) Southern Colonies

This was the first established colony that survived. It is located in Virginia.
a) Jamestowne
b) Roanoke
c) New England
d) New York

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