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What famous pioneer route ended in New Mexico?
a) Oregon Trail
b) Santa Fe Trail
c) Mormon Trail
d) Forty-Niner Trail

Who were the first travelers on the Santa Fe Trail?
a) farmers
b) fur trappers
c) traders
d) mountain men

Which was a reason that people took the Oregon Trail?
a) to find farmland
b) to take part in the fur trade
c) to win converts to Christianity
d) all of the above

Why did American settlers in Texas come into conflict with Mexico in the 1830's?
a) Settlers wanted more representation in the Mexican legislature.
b) Mexico wanted to sell Texas to Spain.
c) Mexico feared losing Texas to the United States.
d) Settlers wanted to outlaw slavery.

Women in the West often had more rights than women in other regions of the United States because
a) their labor was needed for their families to survive
b) they could negotiate treaties
c) they could vote and run for office
d) their labor was more important than men's

The idea of Manifest Destiny was a cause of all of the following Except
a) the Mexican-American War
b) the annexation of Oregon
c) the Texas War of Independence
d) the westward movement

How was Texas admitted to the Union?
a) The President issued an executive order accepting the annexation treaty.
b) Congress passed a joint resolution accepting the annexation treaty.
c) Mexico sold Texas to the United States.
d) Sam Houston forced Mexico to give Texas to the United States.

Which statement best explains why California developed a diverse population?
a) Many English-speaking settlers migrated there from eastern states.
b) Many Chinese people migrated there to work on the railroad.
c) State laws banning racial discrimination attracted many African Americans.
d) Gold seekers came from all over the world and became permanent residents.

What is the significance of the siege at the Alamo?
a) The siege ended when Texan soldiers defeated Santa Anna, ending the Mexican-American War.
b) The heroism of Mexican soldiers during the siege inspired many Mexicans to join Santa Anna's army.
c) It was the attack which officially began the Mexican-American War.
d) It was the site where Texans were overrun by Mexican troops, inspiring many Americans to volunteer for the Texan Army.

The 'mountain men' of the Oregon Territory were
a) fisherman
b) miners
c) trappers
d) ranchers

the issue of water rights was important in early California because
a) much of California is desert with very little water.
b) there was so much water that lands were often flooded.
c) landowners were required to share water with nearby towns.
d) prospectors often poisoned wells in order to lower the price of land.

Which of the following statements about New Spain is true?
a) The Spanish and the Native Americans borrowed language, foods, and customs from each other.
b) The Spanish and the Native Americans both opposed slavery.
c) The Spanish and the Native Americans shared political power in California.
d) The Spanish and the Native Americans were constantly at war with each other.

Which of the following did the United States acquire as a result of the Mexican-American War?
a) Oregon
b) North Dakota
c) New Mexico
d) Washington

When John L O'Sullivan proposed the idea of Manifest Destiny, which other nation held the most territory in the present-day United States?
a) Great Britain
b) Mexico
c) Spain
d) Russia

Why did most Americans think the United States should extend to the Pacific Ocean?
a) They believed it was their right to possess this land
b) They feared invasion by Mexico
c) They wanted to make sure Great Britain did not claim the land
d) They had already settled the lands of the Great Plains and needed more room

Imagine that a modern historian has uncovered new information about the Mexican-American War. Which of the following could change the way people regard this conflict?
a) a letter written by Polk agreeing that the border was at the Nueces River
b) a map showing the settlements around the Rio Grande and the Nueces River
c) a speech written by Abraham Lincoln protesting the war
d) a petition from Texans asking Taylor to provoke the Mexicans to attack

What effect did the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hildalgo have on the United States?
a) The United States recognized the Mexican border at the Nueces River
b) The United States paid Mexico $10 million for land in Arizona and New Mexico
c) Texas gained independence from Mexico and became a republic
d) Mexico ceded a large area of territory to the United States

Where did the Mormons settle in the late 1840's
a) Utah
b) California
c) Mexico
d) Oregon

People who came to California in search of gold were called
a) Gold-rushers
b) Forty-niners
c) Boomers
d) Placer Miners

What was one major effect of the California gold rush?
a) Farming destroyed the environment in central California
b) There was a sudden increase in the population of California
c) Slavery was introduced into the area by newcomers
d) Everyone who came to California found gold and became wealthy

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