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Who is the king of the Gods?
a) Zues
b) Hera
c) Dionysus
d) Apollo

What two gods were twin brother and sister?
a) Zeus and Hera
b) Athena and Ares
c) Apollo and Artemis
d) Demeter and Poseidon

Who were the Titans?
a) The first Greek gods
b) The parents of Zeus
c) Twelve gods that were overthrown by the Olympians
d) All of the above

Which of the following best describes Aphrodite?
a) Goddess of wisdom and war
b) Goddess of love and beauty
c) Goddess of agriculture
d) Goddess of the hunt

What powerful god lived in the Underworld, rather than on Mount Olympus?
a) Athena
b) Demeter
c) Hades
d) Poseidon

What Greek hero was killed by an arrow to his heel?
a) Odysseus
b) Achilles
c) Jason
d) Perseus

Who is Cyclops' father?
a) Poseidon
b) Zeus
c) Odysseus
d) Hercules

What Greek hero was a son of Zeus and was required to perform many labors for the gods?
a) Odysseus
b) Achilles
c) Hercules
d) Cyclops

Who is the patron god of theater and art?
a) Dionysus
b) Demeter
c) Hera
d) Athena

What did the Greeks build to help win the Trojan War?
a) A wooden rabbit
b) A wooden dog
c) A wooden horse
d) A wooden sword

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