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Spring would most likely symbolize?
a) New life
b) Death
c) Happy endings
d) Peace

A skull and crossbones most likely symbolizes?
a) Life
b) Old Age
c) Something that may be poisonous
d) Youth

The crown could be a symbol of:
a) Dialect
b) Royalty
c) Rickets
d) Princes

The snake could be a symbol of:
a) Bravery
b) Dreams
c) Excellence
d) Evil doing

The Eagle could be a symbol of:
a) Cowardice
b) Bravery
c) Beauty
d) Fatigue

A black cat could be a symbol of:
a) Bad luck
b) Good luck
c) A dirty cat
d) Dreams

A desert could be a symbol of:
a) Purity
b) Drought
c) Hopelessness
d) Cake

A storm occuring could be a symbol that (could foreshadow)
a) Rain
b) A hurricane
c) Flooding
d) Trouble will be coming

An island could symbolize:
a) Solitude
b) A cool vacation
c) Pettiness
d) Love

The sunrise can symbolize
a) I've never been awake to see a sunrise
b) The coming of a new day- a -better times ahead-A new start
c) Pretty skies
d) Morning

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