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A hint of events that are going to appear later in the story
a) Flashback
b) Foreshadow
c) Exposition
d) Mystery

The use of something concrete to stand for something abstract- Flag=freedom
a) Hperbole
b) Irony
c) United States
d) Symbolism

He enjoyed challenging nature, so he took up mountain climbing. This is an example of what text structure?
a) Main Idea/Descriptive
b) Chronological Order
c) Cause/Effect
d) Problem/Solution

In this POV- The author is NOT a character in the story but is able to look into ALL Of the characters' minds and report what they are thinking and feeling
a) First Person
b) Third Person Objective
c) Third Person Limited
d) Third Person Omniscient

This type of POV- The author is NOT a character in the story but reports the actions to describe events
a) Third Person Objective
b) Third Person Omniscient
c) Second Person
d) First Person

This type of conflict would be Man vs. ? If a hurricane comes and he is lost at sea
a) Man VS Hurricane
b) Man VS Nature
c) Man VS Character
d) Man VS Society

The clouds danced in the sunlight all day long. This is an example of what type of figurative language
a) Metaphor
b) Simile
c) Personification
d) Hyperbole

This is when the author gives the reader information about something that happened in the past
a) Flashback
b) Foreshadow
c) Back to the Future
d) Symbolism

This is the use of language spoken in a certain place by a given group of people.
a) Accent
b) Idiom
c) Dialect
d) Voice

This is the way people talk to informally to each other
a) Dialect
b) Formal voice
c) Conversational voice
d) Dialogue

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