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This genre of fiction is futuristic-outer space-robots, ect...
a) Science Ficition
b) Realistic Fiction
c) Scientific Method
d) Fantasy

This genre of fiction is set in the past and may include real people or real historic events
a) historical fiction
b) Science Fiction
c) Realistic Fiction
d) Informational

The word phrases does not mean what it says-Example-It's raining cats and dogs
a) It's raining really hard
b) Hyperbole
c) Idiom
d) Personification

This is how the story makes YOU the READER feel- Think Mr. Ta
a) Mood
b) Material
c) Tone
d) Good

When you give something concrete and abstract meaning-example- The Statue of Liberty is concrete. I can touch it. What it represents is Freedom-an abstract concept that I can not touch
a) Science Ficition
b) Symbolism
c) Synergy
d) Hyperbole

When you infer ...YOU...
a) Guess just using your schema
b) Look for clues, think about what you already know, and then figure out what the author is not directly telling you
c) When you visualize a photograph
d) You guess about the main idea

a) Onomatopoeia
b) Idiom
c) Hyperbole
d) Alliteration

What is imagery?
a) It is the same as personification
b) It is how you tell about the text structure of a story or article
c) It is not important to reading or writing
d) It is how the other describes the story-She uses all 5 of your senses to help you imagine and visualize the story.

This is what we call the setting and the characters at the beginning of a story
a) Exposition
b) Exposure
c) Expose
d) Climax

The dictionary definition of a word
a) Dialect
b) Connotation-Connotative
c) Dentation-denotative
d) Abbreviation

Gives human characteristics to something NOT human- think person
a) Simile
b) Denoeument
c) Hyperbole
d) Personification

The ending of a story
a) Conflict
b) Denoeument
c) Exposition
d) Conflict

Compares two thigs using the words, Like or As
a) Metaphor
b) Setting
c) Simile
d) Idiom

The 'Good' Guy in a story or movie
a) Protagonist
b) Antagonist
c) Victory
d) Conflict

The series of events in a story
a) Sentence
b) Propaganda
c) Plot
d) Conflict

The problem in the story
a) Conflict
b) Continue
c) Climax
d) Personification

The moral or lesson of the story
a) Think
b) Theme
c) Plot
d) Conflict

This nonfiction book is written about somebody by someone else
a) Autobiography
b) Biography
c) Biological
d) Mystery

This type of fictional genre includes talking/flying animals-it is something that could NEVER happen in the real world
a) Fairy Tale
b) Folk Tale
c) Fantasy
d) Fiction

POV- stands for
a) Point of View
b) Point of Venture
c) Point of Vertical
d) Private Vacation

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