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This type of story can have the magic of three, magic, fairy godmothers
a) Fantasy
b) Folk Tale
c) Fairy Tale
d) Tall Tale

Harry Potter is this type of genre
a) historical fiction
b) Metaphor
c) Fantasy
d) Realistic Fiction

This type of fiction seems like it could really happen
a) Realistic Fiction
b) Science Fiction
c) Historical Fiction
d) Myth

This type of literature exaggerates the characters actions-example- He wresteled a tornado
a) Realistic Fiction
b) Myth
c) Tall Tale
d) Science Fiction

This type of traditional literature teaches a lesson -has a moral to each story
a) Fable
b) Myth
c) Legend
d) Tall Tale

This book is written by the author about their own life
a) Biography
b) Poem
c) Narrative
d) Autobiography

This story is based in the future-featuring science, space, robots...ect
a) Science Ficition
b) Realistic Fiction
c) Myth
d) Fantasy

This story is placed in the past- It can use real people and real historic events
a) Realistic Fiction
b) Historical Fiction
c) Fantasy
d) Fable

This is a story that is performed in front of people on a stage
a) Autobiography
b) Drama-Play
c) Myth
d) Fantasy

This is a book written by someone about someone else
a) Biography
b) Simile
c) Autobiography
d) Legend

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