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The purpose of the headright system and land lottery in Georgia was to encourage settlers to
a) move out of the state.
b) settle near major Georgia cities
c) settle in and around Georgia’s ports.
d) move into unsettled parts of the state

Which accurately describes the contribution made by Sequoyah?
a) He invented the cotton gin.
b) He wrote the Cherokee Syllabary
c) He signed the Treaty of Indian Springs
d) He drove the Creek Indians from Georgia

Which statement is incorrect:
a) Civilian Conservation Corps program paid Americans to build forest trails and roads, plant trees, and build parks
b) Rural Electrification Authority lent millions of dollars to farmers’ cooperatives for the building of power lines
c) Civilian Conservation Corps program created price supports to encourage farmers to produce less cotton and tobacco
d) Talmadege effect trained Georgians in building computers

__________________ was the leader of the Creek. Nation. He was involved in the two treaties of ________________ by which the Creek gave up all their land in Georgia. McIntosh paid for his participation with his life.
a) William McIntosh, Treaty of New York
b) William McItosh, Indian Springs
c) Alexander McGivillary, Treaty of New York
d) Andrew Jackson, Treaty of 1812

William T. Sherman’s March to the Sea was intended to
a) boost morale in the North.
b) effectively divide the South.
c) trigger a major Union invasion.
d) destroy the fighting spirit of the South.

Which individual, as governor of Georgia, refused to follow New Deal regulations resulting in a U.S. take over of New Deal programs in Georgia?
a) Ellis Arnall
b) Carl Vinson
c) Richard Russell
d) Eugene Talmadge

All of the following were New Deal programs as put forth by Franklin Roosevelt EXCEPT the
a) Rural Electrification Act
b) National Farmers Alliance
c) Civilian Conservation Corps.
d) Agricultural Adjustment Act.

For what purpose did Franklin D. Roosevelt often stay at the Little White House in Warm Springs, Georgia?
a) He had family in the area.
b) He owned several area businesses
c) He received treatment for his polio.
d) He liked to vacation in the mountains.

_______________ invention of the _____________ in 1793 (patented in 1794) resulted in the rise of cotton as Georgia’s primary cash crop and an increase in slavery to tend the increased acres of cotton.
a) Eli Whitney’s, Cotton GIn
b) Seqouyah, Syllabry
c) Thomas Edision, Electricity
d) Henry Ford, Ford Tractor

As a result of the boll weevil and drought, Georgia entered a major economic
a) recession
b) secession
c) depression
d) progression

According to Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, what would happen on January 1, 1863, if the South did not surrender?
a) Confederate slaves would be freed.
b) The Union would invade the South.
c) Confederate prisoners would be executed.
d) The Union would cease all trade with the South.

Which statement accurately describes the outcome to the Battle of Gettysburg?
a) Lee’s army was forced to retreat into Virgina.
b) Meade’s army was sorely defeated and forced to retreat.
c) Meade’s army surrendered giving Lee control of Pennsylvania.
d) Lee’s army was able to capture badly needed arms and munitions.

Which was NOT an effect of the Union blockade on Georgia?
a) Agricultural production soared
b) Harvested cotton remained unsold
c) Many ships from Georgia were sunk.
d) The price of manufactured goods increased

Which event marked the beginning of the Great Depression?
a) The stock market crashed.
b) The S P 500 was created.
c) The federal exchange closed.
d) The Dow Industrial rose sharply.

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