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The first elements to be identified were mainly:
a) plasma
b) gases
c) metals
d) liquids

As the number of known elements grew, so did the need to organize them into groups based on their:
a) number of neutrons
b) symbols
c) number of quarks
d) properties

Mendeleev organized his periodic table of elements into rows based on increasing:
a) mass
b) density
c) temperature
d) weight

As Mendeleev organized his periodic table, he made sure that elements with similar properties were in the same:
a) row
b) column
c) level
d) diameter

An arrangement of elements into rows of increasing mass where elements with similar properties end up in the same column is called a:
a) mass table
b) table of periods
c) periodic table
d) table of properties

Why did Mendeleev not make a complete table of elements?
a) erratic mass numbers
b) elements were not alphabetical
c) not all elements had been discovered
d) he had to use to many columns

In the modern periodic table, elements are arranged according to increasing number of:
a) quarks
b) neutrons
c) electrons
d) protons

From energy level to energy level the number of elements varies because the number of available orbits:
a) decreases
b) stays contant
c) increases
d) has reached capacity

Each column in the periodic table is called a group where each element has similar:
a) density formulas
b) electron configurations
c) proton placements
d) isotopes

An elements chemical properties are determined by its:
a) electron configuration
b) proton placements
c) isotope arrangement
d) number of neutrons

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