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Which of the following correctly describes how a diagram of cellular respiration would differ from a diagram of photosynthesis?
a) The cellular-respiration diagram would show electromagnetic waves s the final product.
b) The cellular-respiration diagram would show glucose as the main source of energy.
c) The cellular-respiration diagram would show energy stored in large protein molecules.
d) The cellular-respiration diagram would show water as the main source of chemical energy.

Proteins are used to enable movement, provide structure and support, and carry out important chemical reactions inside the body. What is needed in order for the human body to synthesize proteins?
a) A diet rich in amino acids
b) Sufficient sunlight and water
c) 1,200 calories of nutrients per day
d) Minerals and fats in sufficient amounts

AIDS is a fatal disease caused by HIV, a virus that attacks and destroys the human immune system. Which of the following activities is a risk factor for transmitting HIV?
a) Sharing needles
b) Shaking hands or kissing
c) Being bitten by mosquitoes and ticks
d) Coming in contact with infected toilet seats

Which of the following phases is the first step in mitosis?
a) anaphase
b) prophase
c) metaphase
d) telophase

A student is looking at a picture of a cell taken through a microscope. The presence of which of the following would indicate that the cell is eukaryotic?
a) cytoplasm
b) DNA
c) nucleus
d) plasma membrane

Which molecule in plant cells first captures the radiant energy from sunlight?
a) glucose
b) carbon dioxide
c) chlorophyll
d) adenosine triphosphate

Why are photosynthesis and cellular respiration often considered opposites?
a) Photosynthesis produces a twice as many ATP molecules as cellular respiration does.
b) Water is released during photosynthesis and consumed during cellular respiration.
c) Photosynthesis occurs during the day, and cellular respiration occurs at night.
d) Oxygen is produced during photosynthesis and used during cellular respiration.

Which of the following normally results from meiosis in a human cell that contains 46 chromosomes?
a) an egg cell with 46 chromosomes
b) a liver cell with 23 chromosomes
c) a blood cell with 46 chromosomes
d) a sperm cell with 23 chromosomes

Which cell process will move substances against a concentration gradient?
a) diffusion
b) facilitated diffusion
c) osmosis
d) active transport

Proteins and polysaccharides are polymers. These polymers are formed by dehydration synthesis. Which statement correctly identifies a difference in the structure of proteins and polysaccharides?
a) Only polysaccharides are comprised of repeating units of cytosine, adenine, guanine, and thymine.
b) Only proteins are formed from amino acids joined by peptide bonds.
c) Only polysaccharides can be folded and twisted to very specific shapes.
d) Only proteins can be large molecules with thousands of subunits.

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