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Which of these is commonly used to support the theory of evolution?
a) All living things have DNA.
b) Fossil records show change over time
c) Vestigial structures
d) All of the above

Whales have remnants of hind limb bones deep inside their bodies. These remnants of once useful structures are called
a) Adaptations
b) Embryonic structures
c) Mutations
d) Vestigial structures

A large flightless bird is forced out of existence by more adaptable mammals. This is an example of
a) adaptations
b) natural selection
c) mutations
d) selective breeding

A smoky mountain jungle frog has markings that allow it to blend into the forest floor. This is an example of
a) an adaptation
b) an embryonic structure
c) a vestigial structure
d) genetic resistance

Over the past 1,000 years, dogs have been ___________ to produce more than 150 different breeds.
a) selectively bred
b) naturally bred
c) artifically selected
d) artificially bred

What body part of the Galapagos finches appears to have been most modified by natural selection?
a) their webbed feet
b) their beaks
c) the bone structure of their wings
d) the color of their eyes

Evolution occurs in two ways. These are
a) natural selection and genetic mutations
b) natural selection and artificial selection
c) natural selection and selective breeding
d) selective breeding and genetic inheritance

A child has the same eye color as his parents. This is an example of
a) an adaptation
b) a mutation
c) inheritance
d) natural selection

Which adaptation would MOST LIKELY help an animal whose predators are camoflauged?
a) Better sense of smell
b) Shedding fur
c) Gills
d) Storage hump for fat

Which adaptation would MOST LIKELY help an animal if the area became colder?
a) Shed more fur
b) Shed less fur
c) Claws for climbing
d) Keener eyesight

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