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Who was responsible for the International Cotton Exposition?
a) Leo Frank
b) Henry Grady
c) Tom Watson
d) Joseph Brown

Brown, Colquitt and Gordon were all
a) in Georgia textile
b) part of Georgia's Bourbon Triumvirate
c) Georgia's populist candidates
d) Georgia's prison reformers

How did the Bourbon Triumvirate help Georgia?
a) They helped the poor and middle class.
b) They helped reform prisons.
c) They brought in new industries.
d) They helped African Americans get equal rights

What does 'disenfranchise' mean?
a) to segregate facilities
b) to integrate facilities
c) to take away alcohol
d) to take away the right to vote

What was decided in the Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court Case?
a) facilites were allowed to be 'separate but equal'
b) the convict lease system was illegal
c) prison reform was necessary
d) facilities had to be integrated

Which Georgian was a journalist, economic speaker and spokesperson for the New South?
a) Booker T. Washington
b) Henry Grady
c) Tom Watson
d) W.E.B Dubois

Which Georgian was a Populist turned Democrat and started the Rural Free Delivery Bill?
a) Joseph Brown
b) Henry Grady
c) Tom Watson
d) W.E.B. Dubois

Why was the county unit system unfair?
a) The Populist were able to get all of the votes within the county unit system
b) The rural counties had all of the power with the county unit system
c) The urban (city) counties had all of the power with the county unit system
d) The county unit system gave all the power to African Americans

What were Jim Crow laws?
a) Laws that took away the rights of women
b) Laws that made facilities in the south integrate
c) Laws that reformed Georgia prisons
d) Laws that segregated facilities in the south

Why was the Internation Cotton Exposition important?
a) It brought in industries to Atlanta
b) It created tension between the north and the south
c) It reformed prisons in the New South
d) It created business for the Bourban Triumvirate

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