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The majority of the colonial population in the Southern Colonies consisted of which of the following groups of people?
a) fur traders and missionaries
b) Mormons and Puritans
c) French and Spanish
d) farmers and plantation owners

Pilgrims in the northern English colonies began planting corn as early as 1620. Who taught the English settlers about planting corn?
a) Spanish settlers
b) Native Americans
c) Canadian neighbors
d) Japanese settlers

How did most people in colonial America earn money?
a) agriculture
b) fishing
c) manufacturing
d) hunting and gathering

There were many different reasons why people settled in the American colonies. Why did many of the first settlers of New England come there?
a) They wanted to establish a trade route to the Far East.
b) They were seeking religious freedom
c) They wanted to be close to the West Indies.
d) They had been kicked out of England because of their political beliefs

There were several different reasons why the colonies were settled. In general, why were the majority of the Southern Colonies settled?
a) religious purposes
b) political banishment from England
c) to establish a trade route to the Far East
d) source of cheap land and potential profits from plantations

Which of the following was the first profitable crop in colonial Virginia?
a) hay
b) corn
c) tobacco
d) soy bean

The majority of the colonial population in the New England colonies consisted of which of the following groups of people?
a) Irish
b) Puritans
c) slaves
d) Quakers

The Northern and Southern Colonies had both different crops that they farmed and different means through which they accomplished their work. In which of the following areas was slavery most common?
a) Neither the Northern nor Southern Colonies utilized slavery.
b) Northern Colonies
c) Southern Colonies
d) The Northern and Southern Colonies both utilized slavery equally

Rebellious colonists felt that they were under tight control of the English. With the Atlantic Ocean between England and New England, which of the following was one of the reasons the colonists were not happy under English control?
a) English troops were present in the colonies to maintain order.
b) The King of England officially owned all of the land in the New World.
c) Colonists regularly had to travel back to England to work
d) English representatives were required to control all business transactions in the colonies.

Boston, Jamestown, and New York were three early colonial settlements. What do each of these three cities have in common?
a) They were the first three capitals following the American Revolution
b) They all have easy access to travel by water.
c) They were all settled by John Smith
d) They were all settled by Puritans in the early 1600s.

The Province of New Hampshire was one of the original Thirteen Colonies. In which region was it located?
a) New England
b) Middle Atlantic
c) Southern
d) Pacific Northwest

Which of the following original colonies was located in the Southern region?
a) Province of New Jersey
b) Province of Maryland
c) Province of Pennsylvania
d) Province of Massachusetts Bay

The Province of New York was located in which region of the original Thirteen Colonies?
a) Southern
b) Southwest
c) New England
d) Middle Atlantic

What made the Georgia colony unique from all the other colonies?
a) its colonial region
b) home for deptors
c) trade and farming
d) land sales

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