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Which of the following represents the correct sequence that would occur after a glacier retreated.
a) grasses would grow, rock would be exposed, mosses and lichens would appear, small shrubs would appear
b) rock would be exposed, mosses and lichens would grow on the rock, grasses would show up and then small shrubs
c) rock would be exposed, grasses would show up, lichens and mosses would invade and then the trees would come in
d) small shrubs would show up, rocks would be exposed, grasses would grow and the mosses and lichens would show up.

The kind of succession that occurs after a volcanic eruption covers an island with lava is
a) secondary succession
b) primary succession
c) habitat succession
d) tertiary succession

When the settlers arrived in New England, many forests were turned into fields. Eventually, some fields were abandoned and then grew back into forests. This is best described as
a) primary succession.
b) secondary succession
c) pioneer species formation
d) niche realization

The final community to settle an area after primary succession is called
a) the primary community
b) the climax community
c) the pioneer community
d) the keystone community

Succession occurs
a) after a new food web is established.
b) as one generation of organisms replaces the previous one
c) as a previously existing community is replaced
d) only after a glacier retreat.

A type of succession that occurs in an area where no previous ecosystem existed, soil is newly being created and new species begin to populate the area describes which of the following?
a) pioneer species
b) primary succession
c) climax community
d) secondary succession

A series of predictable changes that occur in a community over time is called __________.
a) pioneer species
b) succession
c) ecosystem
d) climax community

The first species to populate an area when primary succession begins are
a) lichens and mosses
b) grasses
c) trees
d) small brush

What is one difference between primary and secondary succession?
a) Primary succession is slow, and secondary succession is rapid
b) Secondary succession begins on soil, and primary succession begins on newly formed surfaces
c) Secondary succession begins on new surfaces, and primary succession begins on soil
d) Secondary succession begins with lichens, and primary succession begins with trees.

Which event would most likely cause a huge drop in the diversity of species in an ecosystem?
a) A small tornado
b) A large volcanic eruption
c) A swarm of locusts (grasshoppers)
d) A flash flood

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