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Which of the following colonial settlements was owned and operated by the Dutch West India Company?
a) Boston
b) Plymouth Plantations
c) Jamestown
d) New Amsterdam

Which of the following people served as governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
a) William Penn
b) John Winthrop
c) Roger Williams
d) James Oglethorpe

New Amsterdam was owned and operated by the Dutch West India Company. What is the current name of New Amsterdam?
a) Boston
b) New York
c) New Jersey
d) Trenton

What was the name of the group of people that traveled to the Plymouth Plantation on the Mayflower?
a) Mormons
b) Lutherans
c) Pilgrims
d) Puritans

Settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony originally landed at which of the following settlements in 1630?
a) Lexington
b) Salem
c) Philadelphia
d) New York

What was the name of the English ship that landed at Plymouth Plantation in 1620?
a) Pinta
b) Discovery
c) Santa Maria
d) Mayflower

Which of these settlements was started by the Virginia Company of London in 1607?
a) New Amsterdam
b) Lexington
c) Plymouth
d) Jamestown

When the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620, they were met with much colder weather than they had predicted. They were forced to make friends with as many of the Native Americans as possible. What was the name of local Indian who helped the peo
a) Pocahontas
b) Pocasset
c) Squanto
d) Powhatan

Which group of people did John Winthrop lead to Salem, Massachusetts, in 1630?
a) Catholics
b) Puritans
c) Pilgrims
d) Quakers

In 1619, a Dutch trader exchanged his cargo of Africans for food at which of the following English settlements?
a) New Amsterdam
b) Jamestown
c) St. Augustine
d) Boston

Captain John Smith and 214 settlers landed on Jamestown Island in May of 1607. Which of the following Native American groups was living in the area near where the Jamestown settlement began?
a) Sioux
b) Navajo
c) Apache
d) Powhatan

of the original English colonists were religious separatists from the Church of England (i.e., the Pilgrims in Plymouth and the Puritans in Massachusetts Bay Colony). Why were these groups eager to settle colonies in North America?
a) Both the Puritans and the Pilgrims were captive slaves of the colonial settlers.
b) as punishment by the King of England
c) religious freedom and financial opportunities
d) The Puritan and Pilgrim religious doctrines call for isolationism.

Which river was home to the first English colony to survive in America?
a) Rappahannock River
b) James River
c) Potomac River
d) York River

Which is a reason colonists chose to build Jamestown where they did in the 1600s?
a) The water along the shore was not deep enough for ships to dock.
b) The supply of fresh water was very low.
c) The native pirates were defeated by the settlers.
d) The land could be defended from attack by sea.

What happened to most of the raw materials found in Jamestown
a) They were traded with African nations
b) They were turned into gold and silver
c) They were destroyed by insects
d) They were sent back to England

The first Africans who arrived in Jamestown were
a) burgesses
b) indentured servants
c) residents
d) slaves

Which was an impact of the arrival of women at Jamestown?
a) more settlers lived alone
b) more settlers started families
c) more settlers made temporary homes
d) more settlers voted

Why was it possible to expand the growth of tobacco when Africans arrived in Jamestown?
a) Africans were heavy smokers
b) Africans owned a lot of land.
c) Africans provided extra labor
d) Africans traded with Africa.

Who granted charters that allowed Jamestown to be settled?
a) Captain John Smith
b) George Washington
c) King James I
d) Queen Elizabeth II

What did charters mean for residents of Jamestown?
a) English rights were guaranteed by the United States Constitution
b) Jamestown became an official city
c) The colonists were promised the same rights as the people in England
d) Captain John Smith was elected governor by the king of England.

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