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A formation in a cave that goes from floor to ceiling is called a_______
a) Stalagmite
b) Column
c) Stalagtite
d) Flowstone

_______ is the force that causes water to move rapidly down a hill
a) Gravity
b) Gravy
c) Erosion
d) Weathering

The most important component of soil for growing plants is ______
a) flowstone
b) erosion
c) Humus
d) gravity

___ can become fertile soil after a volcanic eruption
a) Water
b) Hydrogen sulfide
c) Fumarole
d) Ash

The most powerful eroding force is ________
a) Wind
b) Geyser
c) Moving water
d) HUmus

Rapid movement of large amounts of rocks and soil is called a
a) Landslide
b) Avalanche
c) Mass wasting
d) Gravity

_______ is the process that brings rocks to the surface each winter
a) Mass Wasting
b) Frost burping
c) Frost heaving
d) Gravity

________ is the effect of gravity pulling soil and rocks down a hill.
a) Deposition
b) Avalanche
c) Landslide
d) Mass wasting

The process of wearing down rocks is called __________.
a) Gravity
b) Weathering
c) Mass Wasting
d) Ouchies

A ______ is produced when super-heated stem reaches the surface
a) Fumarole
b) Mud pool
c) Geyser
d) Landslide

Geyers often contain ________ which gives them a bad smell
a) Water
b) Mud
c) Rotten eggs
d) Hydrogen sulfide

______ energy can be obtained from areas containing geysers
a) Wind
b) Water
c) Geothermal
d) Solar

_____ Is one of the most famous geysers in the world
a) Yellowstone National Park
b) Old Faithful
c) Grand Canyon
d) Limestone

A thermal feature that shoots hot water into the air is a
a) Geyser

______ is the main type of rock from which caves are formed.
a) Granite
b) Marble
c) Limestone
d) Sandstone

The measure of the amount of air space in the soil is called _______.
a) Permanent
b) Permeability
c) Porosity
d) Spores

The speed at which water flows through a sample of soil is called________.
a) Permanent
b) Permeability
c) Porosity
d) Spores

4 types of caves are
a) Volcano, Mountain, Ocean, Solution
b) Sea-stone, Marble, Limestone, Granite
c) Ocean, Mountain, Plains, Volcano
d) Sea, Solution, Sandstone, Lava tube

When large amounts of snow and ice are pulled down a slope it is called ______
a) Landslide
b) Avalanche
c) Gravity
d) Glacier

Soil is formed from___, ____, _____ and decayed plants and animals.
a) Sand
b) Silt
c) Clay
d) All of the above

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