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In order to be a complete, a sentence must have a subject, verb, and
a) express a complete thought
b) an apostrophe
c) an adjective

Which of the following sentences is a fragment?
a) Bcause Romeo was impulsive.
b) Romeo is a tragic hero.
c) He died before he had the correct information.

A sentenc e fragment
a) does not express a complete thought
b) is an acceptable way to write a sentence
c) expresses a complete thought

Which of the following sentences is a fragment?
a) He went to the store with his friend.
b) I am making a decision to.
c) It was hard to leave.

What is the mood. You are in big trouble mister.
a) serious
b) scared
c) excited

Just like the first scene of a story, the first act of a play is known as the
a) climax
b) exposition
c) resolution

What is the tone of this.. You are in big trouble mister.
a) excited
b) serious
c) calm

When Romeo says it is the east and Juliet is the sun this is a what
a) metaphor
b) irony
c) similie

Romeo and Juliet takes place in acts.
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5

This person is the author of Romeo and Juliet
a) Poe
b) Stephanie Myers
c) William Shakespeare

When we carefully read a story in order to better understand it, this is called
a) explaining style
b) creating a mood
c) analyzing text

What event in Romeo and Juliet is considered the turning point
a) Romeo meets Juliet
b) Romeo is banished
c) Friar Lawerence sends a note

This literary element is how the reader feels about what they are reading or viewing.
a) mood
b) style
c) tone

This literary term reveals the choices the writer makes in structure, word choice, and figurative
a) tone
b) mood
c) style

This literary element tells the reader what the author is thinking
a) tone
b) mood
c) style

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