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New Orleans was established by people from which European country?
a) A. Sweden
b) B. England
c) C. Spain
d) D. France

The Spanish were the first Europeans to establish permanent settlements in which areas that are now part of the United States?
a) A. the Upper Midwest
b) B. the Northwest
c) C. the Southwest and Florida
d) D. the Northeast

Which of the following best describes the Europeans who came to North America in the late 1400s and 1500s?
a) explorers who were searching for a water route to Asia
b) farmers who wanted economic opportunities
c) pilgrims who wanted religious freedom
d) politicians who wanted political freedom

Native Americans introduced which of the following crops to British colonists living in North America?
a) A. grapes
b) B. tobacco
c) C. wheat
d) D. barley

Which of the following was introduced to the Native Americans by the Spanish?
a) A. corn
b) B. potatoes
c) C. horses
d) D. chocolate

Whom did the French and Spanish send to North America to convert Native Americans to Catholicism?
a) A. conquistadors
b) B. fur traders
c) C. pilgrims
d) D. missionaries

In the 17th century, French colonists began trading with which Native American tribe?
a) A. Sioux
b) B. Cherokee
c) C. Pueblo
d) D. Huron

In 1754, the French and Indian War began when which groups fought over control of land west of the Appalachian Mountains and east of the Mississippi River?
a) A. The British fought against the Huron Indians.
b) B. The French fought against the Huron Indians.
c) C. The British fought against the French and Huron Indians.
d) D. The French fought against the Spanish and the Huron Indians.

When the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620, there were already Native Americans living in the area. Which of the following is one of the Native American tribes that the Pilgrims encountered?
a) A. Powhatan
b) B. Cherokee
c) C. Navajo
d) D. Wampanoag

How did Pocahontas help the Jamestown settlers in the early 1600s?
a) A. She helped the settlers find new land, away from the Powhatan.
b) B. She brought messages between the settlers and the Powhatan.
c) C. She taught the settlers how to speak the Powhatan language.
d) D. She and the settlers convinced the Powhatan to become part of England.

In the early 1600s, which Jamestown leader started trading with the Powhatan people of Virginia?
a) A. John Smith
b) B. George Mason
c) C. Pocahontas
d) D. George Washington

Which was a way that the Powhatan helped the early Jamestown settlers survive?
a) A. The Powhatan taught them to build ships.
b) B. The Powhatan taught them to grow corn.
c) C. The Powhatan bought tobacco from them.
d) D. The Powhatan gave the settlers their land.

Which describes the relationship between the Jamestown settlers and the Powhatan in the early 1600s?
a) A. The Powhatan traded fur and food with the settlers.
b) B. The Powhatan were slaves for the settlers.
c) C. The Powhatan were fighting the settlers.
d) D. The Powhatan refused to trade goods with the settlers.

The colonists of the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts would not have been able to live through the winter of 1620 without
a) A. taking medicine to stop their coughs.
b) B. stealing crops from the Native Americans' fields.
c) C. help from a neighboring Native American tribe.
d) D. learning how to ice fish on local ponds.

European Colonists brought cattle, horses, pigs, and chickens and taught the Native Americans how to raise them Native Americans taught the European colonists how to grow maize, tobacco, and tomatoes What do the examples in the
a) A. the food colonists learned to like
b) B. how the cultures traded goods and services
c) C. animals that were brought from Europe
d) D. reasons the colonists were friendly

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