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Which location would a rain forest most likely be found?
a) At the equator
b) At 30 degrees latitude near the ocean.
c) At 30 degrees latitude in the middle of a continent.
d) At the top of a mountain

Which planet was formed from the light gases of the outer solar nebula?
a) Mercury
b) Venus
c) Earth
d) Uranus

At which location would earthquakes be least likely to occur?
a) At a convergent boundary where a trench is formed as the oceanic plate is subducted.
b) At a transform boundary where two plates slide past one another creating intense friction.
c) At a divergent boundary, where ridges are formed in the middle of the ocean
d) In the middle of a continent with no plate boundaries.

Which of these effects generally occurs as the result of a warm air mass and a cool air mass converging at Earth's surface?
a) The sky becomes clear.
b) Winds die down.
c) Cloud formation decreases.
d) Stormy weather patterns develop.

A day on Saturn takes about 10 Earth hours. Which fact would best explain this short day?
a) Saturn is less dense than Earth.
b) Saturn is much farther from the Sun than Earth.
c) Saturn rotates more rapidly than Earth.
d) Saturn's orbit has greater eccentricity than Earth's

Venus is warmed by solar radiation, but its thick cover increases the temperature because the clouds
a) prevent the escape of heat into space
b) convert solar radiation into heat.
c) absorb short light wavelengths, leaving heat.
d) produce heat as they are pushed by strong winds.

The Gulf Stream is a current (water moves 1 direction) in the Northern Hemisphere and the Brazilian Current in the Southern Hemisphere move from equator. Compared to inland areas at the same latitude, the coastal areas bordering these currents will
a) be warmer
b) be more arid
c) have more earthquakes
d) have shorter growing seasons.

The clouds that surround Venus are thick and choking which contribute to the Greenhouse Effect. Venus has a surface temperature of more than 400 degrees Celcius. Which of these best explains this high surface temperature?
a) The bright surfaces of the clouds reflect sunlight back on the planet.
b) The strong winds in the atmosphere produce friction.
c) The thick clouds in the atmosphere prevent heat from escaping.
d) The sulfuric acid in the clouds releases heat energy.

Scientists have found fossils of tropical plants in Antarctica. How could tropical plants have grown in Antarctica?
a) At one time, Earth's entire surface was a tropical rain forest.
b) At one time, Antarctica was located closer to the equator.
c) The rotation of Earth has increased, causing cooling of the atmosphere.
d) Catastrophic volcanic eruptions melted the ice and exposed the soil to sunlight.

Earthquake activity in California is primarily caused by
a) the lowering of aquifer levels.
b) the interaction of tides with the coast.
c) mining activity during the 19th century
d) plates grinding past each other along active faults.

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