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When you find or recognize whatever the question is asking for, you are...
a) comparing
b) contrasting
c) identifying
d) explaining

When you explain the meaning of words, actions or information, you are...
a) interpreting
b) concluding
c) listing
d) loving life

When you provide factual information and evidence to show why something is right, you are...
a) inferring
b) concluding
c) justifying
d) exaggerating

When you say how two things are similar and different, you are...
a) summarizing them.
b) comparing and contrasting them.
c) giving details about them.
d) understanding them.

When you use facts to support your point, you are using ...
a) a prediction
b) an inference
c) evidence
d) a conclusion

When you assess the value or significance of something, you are...
a) evaluating it
b) developing it
c) visualizing it
d) summarizing it

When you make an educated guess about something, you are...
a) making an outline
b) making a decision
c) making an inference
d) making a conclusion

When you give specific and relevant details about something, you are....
a) identifying it
b) listing it
c) describing it
d) classifying it

What is *author's purpose*?
a) It is the reason an author writes: to inform, entertain or persuade.
b) Is to try and trick the reader into doing something.
c) Is to make a lot of money.
d) Is to write a lot meaningless words.

What is an *article*?
a) It is a very long book.
b) It is a page in your journal.
c) It is a piece of fiction writing.
d) It is a piece of nonfiction writing.

What does it mean to *analyze*?
a) It means to skim over an article.
b) It means to calculate a set of numbers.
c) It means to examine closely or critically.
d) It means to have a feeling or opinion on a subject.

What does it mean to *explain* something?
a) It means to give a complete and clear meaning.
b) It means to guess what the author had for breakfast.
c) It means to solve a problem.
d) It means to draw a picture of the meaning.

What does it mean to *infer*?
a) It means to organize your thoughts on paper.
b) It means to make an educated guess based on the clues given in a story.
c) It means to solve a problem.
d) It means to re-read.

What does it mean to *persuade*?
a) To give a lot of details about a story.
b) To give the opposite meaning of a word.
c) To make someone feel bad for being wrong.
d) To give your point of view and reasons why someone should believe you.

What are *characteristics*?
a) Specific qualities about a person or place.
b) A group of characters.
c) A list of names.
d) A step-by-step explanation of a story.

What is *text evidence*?
a) Giving details from something you learned in science class.
b) Providing a title.
c) Telling your opinion on a subject.
d) Using information that comes directly from a reading passage.

What does *compare and contrast* mean?
a) To describe in great detail.
b) To break down and an answer into many parts.
c) To tell how things are the same and different.
d) To give information to support your answer.

What does it mean if to *define* something?
a) To tell how things are similar or different.
b) To write a list of steps in order to complete a task.
c) To tell how two things are related.
d) To state a complete and clear meaning for a word.

The *climax* of a story is...
a) the place where the characters live
b) when the conflict or problem reaches the highest point of tension
c) the lead up to a problem
d) conversations between the characters

Which word is a synonym for *persuade*?
a) construction paper
b) contradict
c) confuse
d) convince

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