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_________________________ are something from nature that is useful to people such as soil, water, and minerals
a) Environments
b) migrated
c) Natural Resources
d) Adapt

To ___________________ or to adjust, or change, ideas and way of living to fit a new situation, such as a new environment
a) Kiva
b) Adapt
c) Orgin Stories
d) Pictograph

The _____________________ is the natural surroundings of a place including land, water, air, plants, and animals.
a) Environment
b) Kiva
c) Migration
d) pictograph

American Indians tell _______________________, or tales that explain where their ancestors came from and how the Earth came to be.
a) Pictograph
b) Orgin Stories
c) Environment
d) Migration

A circular area sometimes underground, where tribe members talk, work or perform religious ceremonies is know as a ____________________________.
a) Adaptations
b) Environments
c) Kiva
d) Pictograph

_____________________is a movement of people from one country or area of the world to a new home in another country or area.
a) Migration
b) Kiva
c) Orgin Stories
d) Adapt

A _______________________ is a picture that represents an important event or idea.
a) Adaption
b) Environment
c) Kiva
d) Pictograph

Which of the following is NOT an Environment?
a) Mountains
b) Deserts
c) Hot
d) Arctic Ice Fields

The first Americans came from Asia and settled in which continents?
a) Australia and Antartica
b) United States and Europe
c) Europe and Africa
d) North America and South America

Which of the following is considered a natural resource?
a) light posts
b) desks
c) street signs
d) trees

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