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Objects of differenet masses are suspended from a height. Which combination of features will have the greatest gravitational potential energy?
a) Low mass and low height
b) Low mass and high height
c) High mass and high height
d) High mass and low height

Which statement most accurately describes the Law of Conservation of Energy?
a) Energy can not be created or destroyed but it can be changed from one form to another
b) Energy is created from the Earth and is destroyed when we use it
c) Energy should be saved (conserved) for use in the future
d) Most forms of energy can be classified as either potential or kinetic

When you open the door to a refrigerator for a minute, what happens?
a) Thermal energy in the refrigerator is transferred to the air outside the refrigerator
b) Thermal energy in the air outside the refrigerator is transferred to the inside of the refrigerator
c) The temperature of the air inside the refrigerator decreases
d) The temperature of the air just outside the referigerator increase

Which list consists of only renewable energy sources?
a) Solar, nuclear, coal, wind
b) Wind, solar, hydroelectric, tidal
c) Nuclear, petroleum, wind, hydroelectric
d) Petroleum, tidal, solar, biomass

Cory noticed that the hood of the car was hot after driving it for awhile. What energy transformation was she noticing?
a) Chemical energy transforming to thermal energy
b) Thermal energy transforming to motion (kinetic)
c) Temperature energy transforming to braking energy
d) Motion (kinetic) transforming to thermal energy

Which of the following methods will NOT melt an ice cube quickly?
a) Hold it in your hand and change hands when one hand gets cold
b) Put it in a glass of room temperature water
c) Put it in an insulating container
d) Break it into pieces and warm up the pieces

Which object is the BEST example of potential energy?
a) Rolling ball
b) Dropped rock
c) Compressed spring
d) Speeding motorcycle

Which of these BEST describes an example of kinetic energy?
a) A driver standing on a platform
b) A car tire filled with compressed air
c) A rock falling from the top of a cliff
d) A battery making a flashlight light up

What type of energy does a skateboarder have before rolling down a ramp?
a) Kinetic energy of motion
b) Kinetic energy of position
c) Potential energy of motion
d) Potential energy of position

Tia dropped a rubber ball from a height of 3 meters. The ball bounced back up to a height of 2 meters. Which of these BEST explains why the ball did not bounce to a height of 3 meters?
a) Some of the balls energy was destoyed as the ball fell to the ground
b) Some of the ball energy was eliminated when the balls truck the ground
c) Some of the balls energy was converted to other forms when the ball struck the ground
d) Some of the balls energy was used to increase the speed of the ball as it fell to the ground

Which of these BEST describes why heat is produced when a flashlight is turned on?
a) Heat is converted to light by the battery when the flashlight is turned on
b) Heat is produced from the excess light that escapes when the flashlight is turned on
c) Heat is product of the energy transformation that occurs when the flashlight is turned on
d) Heat is created by the battery and some of the heat is used to produce light for the flashlight

Which of these is NOT a form of energy?
a) air
b) heat
c) light
d) sound

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