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In the early stages of waging war against Japan, the U.S. relied mainly on a strategy of
a) heavy bombing from Chinese air bases
b) island hopping from the South Pacific to within striking distance of Japan
c) invading Japanese strongholds in southeast Asia
d) fortifying China by transporting supplies from India over the Himalalyan hump

During WWII, women did all of the following EXCEPT
a) work in factories
b) reaffirm traditional patterns for women's lives
c) establish themselves as a vital part of the economy
d) participate in the war effort

The term GI, meaning Government Issue, was applied to all of the following EXCEPT:
a) U.S. soldiers
b) U.S. government-issued weapons
c) U.S. government-issued war bonds
d) U.S. government-issued uniforms and supplies

Who made the final decision to drop atomic bombs?
a) Douglas MacArthur
b) Harry S Truman
c) J. Robert Oppenheimer
d) Franklin D. Roosevelt

D-Day was the code name for the Allied invasion of
a) Italy
b) Japan
c) France
d) North Africa

Where was the Battle of Britain fought?
a) on British soil
b) on the French coast
c) in the skies over Britain
d) in the waters surrounding Britain

Which of the following did Winston Churchill oppose?
a) the Munich Pact
b) the Atlantic Charter
c) the Lend-Lease Act
d) the Treaty of Versailles

Which of the following correctly matches the politician with his nation?
a) Austria --Joseph Stalin
b) Spain -- Francisco Franco
c) Britain -- Charles de Gaulle
d) France -- Neville Chamberlain

The United States entered WWII as a direct result of
a) the attack on Pearl Harbor
b) the invasion and division of France
c) the invasion and division of Poland
d) attacks on U.S. ships in the Atlantic

Britain and France adopted a policy of appeasement toward Germany
a) before the war began
b) when they declared war
c) when the United States declared war
d) after France was invaded and divided

Where was the first fascist government formed?
a) Italy
b) Japan
c) Spain
d) Germany

Which nation(s) signed a nonaggression pact with Germany that led to the invasion of Poland?
a) Italy
b) Spain
c) Italy and Japan
d) the Soviet Union

Altogether, approximately how many people died in the Holocaust?
a) 600,000
b) 2 million
c) 6 million
d) 11 million

All of the following were leaders of totalitarian governments except
a) Joseph Stalin
b) Francisco Franco
c) Benito Mussolini
d) Neville Chamberlain

Many non-military commercial and recreational boats were used to rescue British troops stranded at ________ in 1940.
a) the Seine
b) Calais
c) Dunkirk
d) Dover

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