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A cloture motion passed in Senate does which of the following?
a) returns a bill to committee
b) cuts off debate on a bill
c) criticizes a senator guilty of improprieties
d) removes a President who has been impeached by the House

Which of the following statements about Congress is true?
a) Members of Congress only occasionally are interested in and pay attention to constituents
b) The legislative process is frequently lengthy, decentralized, and characterized by compromise and bargaining
c) Lobbyists and political action committees successfully induce most members of Congress to trade their votes for campaign cont
d) Debate in both houses is structured by elaborate rules enacted by leaders of the majority party

The practice in Congress whereby Representative A promises to vote for Representative B’s legislation, provided that Representative B will support Representative A’s legislation, is referred to as
a) personal casework and services
b) partisan discipline
c) logrolling
d) filibustering

Which of the following actions by a congressional representative is an example of “pork barreling”?
a) Misusing campaign contributions
b) Directing federal funds into the representative’s district through legislation
c) Accepting money from a political action committee (PAC)
d) Attempting to kill a bill with unacceptable amendments

Of the following, which is the most powerful figure in Congress?
a) The Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee
b) The Speaker of the House
c) The Minority Whip of the Senate
d) The Chair of the Senate Finance Committee

Communication between congressional representatives and constituents occurs mainly through
a) committee hearings
b) the media
c) the personal staffs of representatives
d) the federal bureaucracy

Which of the following form an iron triangle?
a) President, Congress, Supreme Court
b) President, House majority leader, Senate majority leader
c) Interest group, Senate majority leader, House majority leader
d) Executive department, Congressional committee, interest group

The war Powers Resolution (1973) was designed to
a) allow the Joint Chief of Staff to advise the President during periods of conflict
b) allow Congress to suspend certain civil liberties during times of war
c) require a congressional declaration of war before allowing military forces to be used overseas
d) assure congressional involvement in decisions committing military forces in hostile situations overseas

In which of the following did Congress move to regain powers previously lost to the executive branch?
a) Budget and Impoundment Control Act
b) Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act
c) Presidential Disability Act
d) Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

One of the formal tools used by Congress for oversight of the bureaucracy is
a) the line-item veto
b) authorization of spending
c) impoundment bills
d) senatorial courtesy

Which of the following is articulated in the War Powers Resolution?
a) The President may declare war
b) The President must finance any war efforts from a special contingency fund
c) The President must bring troops home from hostilities within 60 to 90 days unless Congress extends the time
d) The president may not nationalize state militias without congressional consent

Congress is most likely to exert oversight of the executive bureaucracy in which of the following ways?
a) Directly selecting the head of an executive agency
b) Impeaching the head of an executive agency
c) Using the Court to block implementation of proposed regulations
d) Controlling an executive agency’s annual budget

Which of the following constitutional provisions broadened the power of Congress?
a) The necessary and proper clause
b) The equal protection clause
c) The Tenth Amendment
d) The Ninth Amendment

Congressional oversight refers to the power of Congress to
a) override presidential vetoes
b) hold public hearings before confirming judicial appointees
c) exercise some control over executive agencies
d) allow nongovernmental agencies to defend or refute pending legislation publicly

All of the following are ways that the legislative branch can check the powers of the executive branch EXCEPT:
a) Congress may remove the president through its impeachment and conviction powers
b) Congress may override a presidential veto.
c) Congress may pass a law declaring a presidential action unconstitutional.
d) The Senate may refuse to approve a presidential appointment

Which of the following is an example of congressional oversight?
a) Holding hearings for review of an executive agency's activities
b) Assisting constituents with particular problems
c) Reporting campaign contributions to the Federal Election Commission
d) Signing trade agreements with other countries without input from the president

The role Congress plays in ensuring that executive branch agencies are carrying out their legislated responsibilities is known as
a) judicial review
b) legislative oversight
c) bicameralism
d) executive privilege

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