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The efficiency of an average gasoline powered car is about 20%. This means
a) The gas tank need to be 20% filled with gasoline for motion
b) The car uses 80% of the energy stored in the gasoline for motion
c) The car uses 20% of the energy stored in the gasoline for motion
d) The car wastes 20% of the energy stored in the gasoline

What energy transformation takes place when a radio is plugged in and turned on?
a) Kinetic to potential
b) Electrical to sound
c) Wire to radio waves
d) Battery to motion

Which units are used for measuring energy?
a) Pounds
b) Meters
c) Degrees Celsius
d) Calories

On a summer day, asphalt is hot on your bare feet because the asphalt has _______ heat from the sun.
a) Absorbed
b) Transmitted
c) Reflected
d) Scattered

Putting reflecting films on your car window helps keep the interior cool by
a) Absorbing sun light
b) Transmitting sunlight
c) Reflecting sunlight
d) Scattering sunlight

Which statement BEST describes what happens to water molecules when the temperature of liquid water is increased?
a) The bonds become stronger, and the molecules move farther apart
b) The bonds become weaker, and the molecules move farther apart
c) The bonds become stronger, and the molecules move closer together
d) The bonds become weaker, and the molecules move closer together

A fire is used to drive a steam engine which moves a locomotive (train). Which of these forms of energy is used to move the locomotive?
a) Electrical
b) Light
c) Heat
d) Sound

Which statement about heat transfer is true?
a) Magnetism causes heat transfer
b) Electric current transfers from a cooler object to a warmer one
c) Radiation is the method of heat transfer in liquids
d) Heat transfers from a warmer object to a cooler object

A group of students walk into a cold classroom. After several minutes, they feel as though the temperature in the room has increased. Which of these statements BEST describes why the room feels warmer to the students?
a) The students get used to the temperature of the room over time
b) The students get distracted and are unaware of the actual temperature
c) As the students move around, their bodies release heat energy into the room
d) As the students move around, their muscles work more

A car was sitting in sunlight all day long. The heat that is in the car now was transferred into the car by which of the following processes?
a) Conduction
b) Radiation
c) Insulation
d) Convection

Solar panels used light energy from the sun to create electricity. Which of these statements describes what happens to the energy during this process?
a) More energy is created as a result of this process
b) Some of the original amount of energy is destoryed
c) The energy changes completely into matter in the form of electricity
d) The amount of energy stays the same but the energy changes form

Most computers have fans to keep the computer from overheating. Which of these BEST describes why this is necessary?
a) A computer functions better at cold temperatures
b) Typing on a computer converts kinetic energy to heat
c) Using a computer in a warm room adds heat to the computer
d) The operation of the computer converts electrical energy to heat

Which examples best demonstrates the process of conduction?
a) A piece of paper is torn in half
b) Warmed air rises above a lit candle
c) A metal spoon gets warm when used to stir hot soup
d) Sunlight brightens a dark room

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