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An object’s mass is…
a) A push or pull that changes the direction or speed of an object’s motion
b) The amount of matter that makes up an object
c) The change in movement or location caused by a force
d) The force that occurs when two objects move in the opposite direction of one another

When _______________ forces act on an object, they change the object’s motion.
a) Normal
b) Natural
c) Balanced
d) Unbalanced

Which of the following statements best describes how an object’s mass affects its motion?
a) The more mass an object has, the less force it takes to move the object
b) The more mass an object has, the more force it takes to move the object
c) The less mass an object has, the more force it takes to more the object
d) The mass of an object does not affect the amount of force it takes to move the object.

You just collected a huge bag of leaves in your yard and you need to move it out to the curb. You could move the bag of leaves to the curb faster by removing some of the leaves from the bag.
a) True
b) False

According to Newton’s first law of motion, a moving object that is not acted on by an unbalanced force (assuming that there is NO friction) will
a) Remain in motion
b) Eventually come to a stop
c) Change its momentum
d) Accelerate

A sled sliding on a flat icy surface with a constant velocity is best described by
a) Newton's 1st law of motion
b) Newton's 2nd law of motion
c) Newton's 3rd law of motion

Which of newton's three laws of motion applied to your rockets ability to take off from the launchpad?
a) Newton's 1st law
b) Newton's 2nd law
c) Newton's 3rd law

Who would require the most force to move?
a) Mr. McNabb
b) Mr. Houp

Two forces are acting on an object one with a force of 10N to the left, the other was a force of 4N to the right. Which direction and with what amount of force will the object move?
a) 6N to the right
b) 4N to the right
c) 4N to the left
d) 6N to the left

Which of the following statements about Newton's laws is true?
a) Only one of law applies to an object in motion.
b) Newton's laws are all false.
c) All of newton's laws apply to objects in motion.
d) Newton's 3rd law applies to everything.

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